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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Making Me Happy!

I finished a big deadline this week which meant a lot of frantic knitting during the first half of the week & some very frantic sewing up & finishing details on Wednesday as I sewed up two sweaters in a day!

As soon as I was done I cast on for a new secret design in Zauberball 100. I've been really enjoying this knit for the last few days. I've only got about 20gr of yarn left to knit (started with 100gr on Wednesday evening). This weekend has been lots of knitting while watching Badminton Horse Trials and Formula 1 on TV.

This afternoon I felt the urge to make a new bag. I probably should finish Em's quilt first. Only have the border left to do on the quilt top but yesterday and this morning I was browsing bag patterns and tutorials and settled on this bag. I've cut out the fabric and fused the interfacing on. Ready to start sewing this evening.

I love notebooks and diaries and my existing diary wasn't working so this week I ordered this Midori inspired leather notebook and got a diary insert. The purple leather is making me very happy! I got it from this UK Etsy shop.

What made you happy this weekend?

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