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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Want to come to Jersey with me?

Next week, on Thursday, I'm off to Jersey for a week. I'm so excited but it's not just for fun and a holiday, although we are staying a couple of days extra and Simon is coming along so there will be a bit of holidaying. The main reason I'm going is that I'm teaching at the Jersey Textile Showcase which starts next week.  The Showcase has lots of different textile classes with lots of different tutors. I looked at the workshop list and wow, there's all sorts of stuff there I've never heard of before but it sounds interesting.

You can see the list of my classes here.

I'll be teaching knitting ofcourse. I'm kicking off my classes on Friday with my Fun and Fabolous Cables class. In this class I'll be teaching cable knitting with and without cable needles, reading cable charts, cable abbreviations etc. 

On Friday evening, there's a Gala Dinner. Because I'm teaching in the morning on Saturday I decided not to attend the Gala Dinner although it does sound great. This is the firs time I've taught this many workshops in such a short space of time. I'm kind of nervous about it but I think it'll be okay. Our Guest House is right next to the Harbour Gallery which hosts the Textile Showcase and I won't have to drive an hour to/from the classes and come home and cook, deal with laundry and all the other family stuff.

In the Professional Finishing Technique class I'm going to try to squeeze in all the stuff I teach in a day, into half a day. It's going to be fast-paced. I'll cover as much finishing stuff as i can including short row shoulder shaping, mattress stitching, picking up for button bands and if we have time, one row button holes.

On Saturday I'm teaching two classes: Easy Lace and and Continental Knitting . In the Easy Lace class we'll cover reading lace charts, lace stitches (yarn overs, decreases) and we'll practice knitting a small lace swatch.

I'm teaching Continental Knitting twice, on Sunday and Tuesday. This is one of my favourite classes to teach, along with the lace classes. I am a lifelong continental knitter and I do believe that for the average knitter, continental knitting is quicker. Depending on your knitting style, I think it can also reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries because the movements are smaller.

And on Monday I'm spending all day teaching sock knitting. We'll knit a little, cute mini sock covering all the basics you need for a pair of top down socks. Basic Socks was the first class I started teaching.

Some of the classes are full but there are still some classes with a few spaces left. So if you can find a way of getting to Jersey for a few days, I'd love for you to join me. The Guest House we're staying in looks amazing. Definitely much better than the Travelodges we normally stay in when we travel the country for knitterly events. They even have free bike hire for guests so I'm hoping we can borrow bikes and do some cycling while we're there as we're not planning to hire a car. We're planning to see the island by using buses and bikes. Simon will probably do a bit of walking on the days I'm teaching. 

I've only been to Jersey once before, for a couple of days 23 years ago (I was on my way home to Norway to get ready for my wedding). I keep having to remind myself, this is a work trip.

So go and check your calendar, book your flight or ferry and hotel and your workshop and come and join me.

See you in Jersey x

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See you there!