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Friday, December 06, 2013


Calypso has a summery sound to it which is just what I need in December (I'm not enjoying these short, dull days at all). It also sounds like fun which this shawl definitely is. Let me introduce a shawl I first designed and knitted months and months ago. The second version  was knitted in June during our trip to Woolfest in my own hand-dyed Merino Plus (below).

So what do I love about this shawl? First, it is a great shape which wraps around your shoulders really well. I call this shape 'tear drop' as it reminds me of a drop of water when it's finished. I've also heard it called heart shape. It is worked similarly to a top down triangular shawl with a centre spine but there are 2 extra increases every right side row to create the 'tear drop' shape.
The second reason I love this shape is that it has lots of yummy garter stitch. I love garter stitch. It's relaxing, it's fast and it blocks out beautifully and you don't have to worry about the right and wrong side of the shawl.

The third reason I love this shawl is the eyelet rows and the double yarn over pattern. Just when you're starting to get a little bit bored with the garter stitch, you start working some simple yarn over rows and then just before the cast off there is a double yarn over pattern which to me looks like the '5' on a dice. 
The final thing I love about this shawl is the beaded picot cast off. I've used this cast off before and I really think it's an effective edging when you don't want anything too fancy. Everyone who's seen me wear my Mar Menor shawl (which has the same cast off) loves it and the miracle beads definitely makes it much more exciting. By the way, miracle beads can be quite expensive in high street bead shops so my favourite supplier is Frampton Beads (much cheaper).
On the Merino Plus version I used two different colours of green to complement the colours in the yarn.
The hot pink version, which is incredibly difficult to photograph - the colour is incredibly bright and I love it - is Araucania Botany Lace which comes in semi-solids and variegated colours. This yarn is gorgeous to knit with. So smooth and silky feeling. One of my sample knitters thought it contained silk but it's 100% merino.
Calypso is a fun and quick knit and perfect if you're knew to top down shawls. You'll have plenty of simple garter stitch rows while you get used to the shaping before you go into the eyelet rows.

This shawl took me about 13 hrs to knit so you can still knit at least one of these as a Christmas present. I'm doing a special offer for this pattern over on my Facebook page but the offer is only valid this weekend. So hop on over there and Like my page to take advantage of the discount! There'll be more special offers there over the coming weeks.

I'm off to teach 'Steeking' at Purlescence tomorrow. I think there are still a couple of spaces so if you want to join us, book now! It's their open day too so plenty of chance to browse their gorgeous goodies and Easyknits will be their special guest. Why not pick up a special skein for the Calypso pattern?

Have a lovely weekend x

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Mairead said...

What a pretty shape for your shawl! I love it!