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Thursday, November 07, 2013

What's in your knitting bag?

This is a blogging challenge from Nic of Nicsknots who makes fabolous project bags and needle rolls. In this blogpost she challenged bloggers to share the contents on their project bags for a chance to win one of her project bags. Read the original post for full details.

I love small project bags. Almost everything I knit is one circular needles or double pointed needles so I don't need project bags big enough to fit long needles. The vast majority of my many knitting bags are from Michele from Three Bags Full in the US. But i do have a needle roll and a couple of small bags from Nic too. The bags in this post are mainly from Three Bags Full, I think.

Below are the three bags currently on my dining room table.
The pretty owl bag contains a semi-secret shawl project. I'm not sure if I'll self-publish this or not yet but it's some pretty Zauberball Crazy knitted on ChiaoGoo Twist interchangeable needles, a 2.75mm Knit Pro crochet hook for adding beads, miracle beads, pattern and row counter. I love my row counters.

 Bag no 2 (which is one of my fave bags right now):
 This bag contains some swatches for my Short Row class tomorrow and a swatch for a new design. There are also some stitch holders, finished swatches. Knitting needles are Chiaogoo Twist and my 4mm short straight Signature Needles (the Rolls Royce of needles). The yarn is Artesano British Blueface Blend (blue), Manos Silk Blend (green) and Lang (variegated):
 This laminated cotton birdie bag is another favourite right now.
And it contains a secret lace shawl on ChiaoGoo Twist circulars, the pattern and a row counter. I have a lot of row counters.
On the table, but moving into the swatch bag above, is a new design for a pair of Selbu inspired mittens. These are on hold until i finish the shawl agove. The project includes 2 balls of Quince & Co Chickadee knitted on Knit Pro Karbonz 3.25mm double pointed needles, waste yarn for the thumb and a row counter. I'll actually be ripping back these a bit before I continue. Not 100% happy.
When I came upstairs to my desk I found this owl bag on my desk. Let's see what's inside this bag.
Oh yes, it's my tow up Regia socks which I started a while ago. I'm knitting them on ChiaoGoo circulars but I've got a set of double pointed needles in the red tube, just in case I decide to switch from circulars. I'm not all that keen on knitting socks on circulars but I'm trying to make myself knit  a whole pair of socks on circulars. I've got to the heel turn on the first sock. There's also a row counter. These have been on hold for a few weeks and I need to get going again. I NEED some socks. My feet are cold.
That was going to be the full extent of my confession. But the truth is that I do have several more project bags with abandoned or on hold projects. So I thought I'd be brave and confess. Problem is that I know there are more than these three bags, at least one more, but I can't find it which is a bit worrying.

The blue yarn is in a bag from Accessorize which is probably a toiletry bag but I bought it to use as a water proof 'knitting on the beach' bag. It contains a cardigan for Simon in King Cole Merino dk which I started on a trip to Spain either 4 or 7 years ago. I'm thinking i should finish this soon. Just hope it still fits him.
In the bag at the back is a shawl knitted in Drops Baby Alpaca Silk which I started last winter. Another one I must finishe soon as the yarn is so gorgeous. And finally in the smal bag at the front is a pair of socks on double pointed needles. The double points are secure in the red tube. Another pair of socks i must finish but sadly I'm only nearly at the heel flap on sock 1.

If you want to join in this confession, read Nic's blog post and follow her instructions.

what's in your project bag?


Michele in Maine said...

Thanks for the shout out, Anni! You are very organized! ;)

Anonymous said...

Having so many pretty bags makes it easy to be organised. If I was more organised, I might even be able to find them all.

Rowan said...

Like the look of your row counters - haven't seen them before. Where did you get them? Love that you have lots of different knits on your needles.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rowan. The row counters are Clover and most yarn shops stock them. I've bought some wholesale as I've sold them at yarn shows and bought some from various yarn shops.