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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Cora & Clementina

Just wanted to let you know that some former Lace Lovers Club patterns are now available to you all. Cora was the July pattern for the Lace Lovers Club. The wide, beaded lace border is worked first then a combination of short rows and decreaseses are worked in garter stitch to create the crescent shape.
I love this type of shawl for 2 reasons. First, it's really easy to wear. It just sits so nicely on your shoulders or you can scrunch it up and wear it like a scarf. The second reason i like it is that I get bored quickly and I'm always tempted to move on to a new project. If I have a deadline I'll finish it but without deadlines I can get a bit distracted by new, shiny yarn. With this type of shawl, you knit the lace section first and by the time I'm starting to get a little bit bored with the lace and tempted to cast on for something else, I'm ready to start the garter stitch short row section. The short row section is so quick and easy and it gets a bit addictive so I usually find i finish it in no time at all. 
If you haven't done short rows before, don't worry. The short rows on this shawl is easy. You just turn and knit the other way and use decreases to close up the holes you get from turning mid-row. By the way, if you fancy learning short rows, I'm teaching a class on it at Spin A Yarn on Friday this week. I know they've had a last minute cancellation so there is still a couple of spaces free. Call them quickly if you want to join me to learn three different short rows and how to use them in your knitting.
Back to Cora, I used big miracle beads in this shawl but it'd look equally good with some smaller seed beads. The shawl takes just one skein of sock yarn (400m/100gr). The original sample was knitted in my hand-dyed Twinkletoes Sock.
Pattern is currently available on Ravely and I'm listing it on Patternfish too so it should be available there within a few days.
Clementina was the June Lace Lovers Club pattern and is a truly exquisite and delicate summer shawl. Worked from the hem upwards to the top edge and featuring a striking central panel.
Clementina is a little bit different from other triangular shawls I've done in the past. It starts with just a few stitches at the bottom point and the triangular shape is achieved by working increases inside the lace border which runs up the edges of the shawl.  Once you get closer to the top of the shawl you insert a lace triangle into the centre back. The shawl is knitted in one piece.
The original was knitted in my hand-dyed Pure Silk but this shawl can be knitted in any medium weight lace yarn. You'll need 800m/100gr skein. The pattern is now available on Ravelry and I'll be listing it on Patternfish too, so it'll be available there soon.
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Annika said...

I love them both! Clementine is so unique and Cora is just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. They were both fun to knit.