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Friday, September 13, 2013

Manos Wool Clasica Collection

Artesano have published a new collection for the Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica yarn: Manos Clasica Book Two. I contributed three designs to this collection. I'd never actually designed anything in Clasica before and it's an interesting yarn. It's a 'single spun thick n thin' yarn which some people love and others not so much. I'ts a fun yarn though and it create an interesting texture.

These designs were knitted last winter and Artesano were fortunate enough to photograph them in snow. We did have quite a bit of snow in the UK last winter. The snowy setting is perfect for the wintery feel of these designs. They're warm and cozy.

My first design is 'Hemsedal' which is named after a very popular ski-resort area in Norway. I haven't actually visited this resort in the winter but did spend a few summer weeks there with my grandparents as a child and it's a beautiful area up in the mountains of mid-Norway.
 'Hemsedal' is a a big loop which can be worn as shown in the photographs or for a really thick, warm scarf, wrap it around your neck twice. For a longer or shorter loop, just add or decrease pattern repeats when you cast on. The loop is knitted in the round with big cables. A bit thank you to Leni who knitted this sample for me.
 Next up is the 'Fowey' waist coat. Fowey is a local seaside town near where we live in Cornwall.  This short waist coat has a curved short row hem at the back, which is very popular at the moment.
Around the hem and neckline it has a elongated crossed stitch like those seen in my 'Mar Menor' shawl. Because of the thickness of the yarn, this is a very quick knit. I can't remember which of my lovely knitters knitted this design. Or did I knit it myself? I don't remember. Which I think is a sign that I've done way, way too many new designs this year.
And lastly, the 'Crossover Loop'. This time I combined elongated, crossed stitches and short rows to create a fun infinity scarf.
Elongated, crossed stitches work really well with variegated ayrn and they're easy to work. Check out my video tutorial for how to work the crossed stitches in the 'Crossover Loop', the 'Fowey Waistcoat' and my 'Mar Menor' shawl.
The scarf is knitted as a rectangle then the short ends are sewn together ot create an infinity scarf. Wear it once around your neck as a long loop or wrap it around twice as seen in the photo for a warm scarf.
This collection contains 8 designs and includes designs by Jacqueline Van Dillen and Ayesha Ahmad as well as my 3 designs. Want something warm to wear when the autumn chill sets in? Get yourself to your nearest Manos retailer and start knitting now!

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