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Monday, September 09, 2013

Fabolous spinning

I do feel rather fortunate that I've got such a luxurious spinning stash to choose from. For the last month or so I've been trying to spin a batch of baby camel/silk and I love the fibre, I love the colour. It's pinning up very finely and fairly evenly. But I'm not enjoying spinning it. I think I will enjoy knitting with it though. But it's hard work to spin. The blend of  short camel fibre and slippery silk doesn't make for a very relaxing spinning experience. I'd planned to spin half of the 100gr braid. Then take a break and spin something else before finishing the second half. I even had my next fibre picked out.
 Then on Saturday a Sweet Georgia parcel arrived. There was a braid of pink and purple Polwarth/Silk and a braid of blue/violet Panda which I forgot to photograph.  I loved spinning Polwarth/Silk earlier in the summer so my plans were thrown out the window. The baby camel/silk bobbin came off the wheel and I started spinning this beautiful blend.
 I broke the strip of fibe in half. Then broke off short chunks, like the one below, and stripped these smaller chunks into thinner strips and then just spin it as it is. 
 I think I've spun nearly 1/4 of the fibre since Saturday and I've only spun for about 2-3 hours in total AND I'm spinning it very finely. Its fine, it's fairly even and the colours are gorgeous. I sometimes get disappointed at the colour blending when I ply but I think I'm going to love this. I'm certainl LOVING spinning it. I'm trying to fit in a bit of spinning every day again. I've got some deadlines and a pile of design submissions to swatch for but I still need a bit of spinning every day.
 I'm actively working on two deadline projects. I've got a crochet design on the needles for an American magazine. I'm loving this design. It's fun to crochet. I can't wait till I've finished my other deadline project so I can work more on this. The yarn is divine too and I'm using my new favourite hooks, the Knit Pro metal ones.
 This is my other deadline project which is the Lace Lovers Club pattern for September and I'm really behind. I need to finish this by Friday! This won't be the colourway by the way. The colourway I tried dyeing didn't come out so I just chose my favourite as I had to get started. I know what the colourway will be though but I'm not revealing that yet. By the way, you can still join the next round of the Lace Lovers Club. Hurry up it's over 2/3 full now!
 I've got some yarns lined up for swatching. The two white yarns is a new lace yarn which I can't talk about yet but it's divine. The dusky pink is Malabrigo Silky Merino which I've never tried before. Can't wait to swatch with it. 
We've got a busy week. Tomorrow I'm teaching 'Basic Socks' and I've got several patterns to write for my sample knitters this week. Vanessa is moving to Bristol to start uni on Saturday so I'm busy nagging her to pack and clear out her room. Otherwise I'd have to do it! I'm also busy buying her all the stuff she needs. Wow, sending kids to uni is expensive. She has to do all her own cooking and setting up a useable kitchen isn't cheap and we've only bought the bare essentials. Lately most of her cooking has involved re-heating frozen chicken pies so I don't think she'll be making everything from scratch.

I'm looking forward to doing some more sewing later this week. A lovely friend has offered to lend me her sewing machine (a different friend from last time). I do want a sewing machine for Christmas. I'd hoped I could afford to buy one before but our washing machine broke down the day before we went to London so we had to buy a new one last week (we'd already been told it'd be too expensive to repair it) and I've spent a fortunte on Vanessa's uni stuff this month. So any money I'd hoped to save for the sewing machine has long gone. Think I'll be waiting till Christmas.

I'm planning to start making a new workshop bag. I know what I want. I've got 2 patterns which i want to use as a start. I want a mix of the two. I've got the fabric. I just need to collect my friend's sewing machine on Thursday. Friday I'll be sewing! I'll try to cut out the fabric pieces before I get the machine so I'm ready to go. Very excited! Never thought I'd say that about sewing.

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