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Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Lace Lovers Club

Have you ever joined a yarn club? Fancy a lace club with yarn dyed by an expert lace designer and patterns designed by 'one of the UK's leading lace designers' (that'd be me according to some British knitting magazines)?

It's just over a year ago since I started the current Lace Lovers Club and it's been a huge success. This last 3 months have been especially great with memberships having doubled from what I started out with a year ago.

If you want to read what previous and current club members have said, click here.

This is the exclusive, original Lace Lovers Club, beware of imitations.

So what do you get with the Lace Lovers Club? What makes it special? Ofcourse, you get a skein of luxury hand-dyed yarn every month. I've hand-picked my favourite luxury yarns that are suitable for lace knitting. To encourage everyone to get involved we start with a sock yarn for month 1 but I choose a luxury blend. 

In April the members got a skein of my Silky Camel 4ply which is AMAZING! It's a truly luxurious yarn and so lovely to knit with. Its the kind of yarn you just have to touch. To go with this yarn i designed a beautiful half hexagon shawlette, 'Aviva' which was worked from the hem up. The shawlette started with a wide lace border with big yellow beads and ended with a stocking stitch section.
The Club is suitable for lace knitters of all abilites and to help those who are new to lace knitting, in the first month you also get a copy of my 'Lace Basics' booklet which is worth £5 (you can buy this separately). This booklet will teach you all the basics you need to knit lace successfully.
One of my top tips for successful lace knitting is using stitch markers. There are many ways of using stitch markers and I am planning a blog post on this subject very soon. I've even recorded a little video tutorial to go with it. In month 1 you also get a little tin of beautiful beaded stitch markers from Fripperies and Bibelots. You get a tin of 6 snag-free little round stitch markers with a bead on it in mixed colours. They're very pretty but also very functional and I use mine a lot. I even keep some in my handbag for on the go emergencies.
In May, the current members got a skein of BFL Dream Lacey Sock. This is a brand new yarn and is a heavy lace or skinny sock weight. It has 600m to a 100gr skein. It's finer than the sock yarn in month 1 but not so thin it's scary for lace virgins. I just love this new weight. 
To go with this yarn I designed 'Fleur' which is a top down hybrid triangular shawl. (You can read more about this shape in my tutorial). This shape is kind of like a cross between a half hexagon and triangular shape and it's my favourite shawl shape because it sits beautifully on the shoulders and it's so easy to wear. You also get a more rounded shape at the back rather than the point of a triangular shawl.
'Fleur' has little flowers on the side panels and diamond and heart shapes in the centre.

June's design is still a secret but it's a different shape and construction to both the above shawls. It's hanging on my dressform right now, waiting for Vanessa to finish her A level exams (last one on Monday) and then hopefully she'll have time to model it for me.

The yarn is a secret too but it's a beautiful yarn and it's brand new to me. I've stocked similar yarns before but not this exact one. Its lovely to knit with and I loved knitting up the sample. I didn't want to stop and knitted it up in record time. The colour is stunning too and we will be dyeing the yarn this evening for the club parcels to go out sometime next week (towards the end of the week).

I've already planned the yarn and the design for July, which is the first month of the new club period. I've cast on for the sample and I'm loving the way it's coming out so far. The shawl shape is different from all the ones above and it's a different base yarn too. I'm not going to reveal any pics or give you any more hints except to say you really don't want to miss out. Lace knitting is perfect for summer knitting as it's so light. 

I always take lace knitting on holiday with me. If you take a sweater with you to knit on holiday you usually have to take a lot of yarn and it takes up a lot of space in your suitcase. With lace knitting, you can take a 100gr skein of lace or sock yarn and have enough knitting for your whole holiday (or if you knit fast or a lot you may wish to take two projects). It won't fill up your suitcase and if you're going somewhere hot, it won't be too hot in your lap.

So to sum up, this is what you get in the Lace Lovers Club:

Month 1 (July):

  • One skein of sock yarn (400m/100gr)
  • Pattern designed exclusively for the yarn and which will be exclusive to the club for 3 months.
  • The Lace Basics booklet.
  • A tin of Fripperies and Bibelots stitch markers.
Month 2 (August):
  • One skein of lace sock (600m/100gr)
  • Pattern designed exclusively for the yarn and which will be exclusive to the club for 3 months.
Month 3 (September):
  • One skein of heavy lace (800m/100gr)
  • Pattern designed exclusively for the yarn and which will be exclusive to the club for 3 months.
The contents of the club is worth well over £70. The exact value varies depending on which base yarns I choose. Postage is included in the membership fee. In addition you also get a 15% discount in my shop (on yarn and patterns) during your membership period and £5 off when you renew your club membership.

So why not join the exclusive Lace Lovers Club which gives you yarn designed by an expert lace designer and patterns designed exclusively for the club yarn by one of the UK's leading lace designers (that'd be me according to several British magazines).

The next club period is nearly full so don't wait any longer. Join now to secure your place.

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