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Monday, June 10, 2013

Filet Crochet

Filet crochet was traditionally used to create table cloths, curtains and other home decor. It's got an image as being a bit dates. The kind of thing our grandmothers would do. And my grandmother did make some gorgeous filet crochet table cloths. I've got a read one which is packed away in the loft with my Christmas decorations and I think it's beautiful.  

And there is no reason why we can't update these traditional patterns. How about making them in modern yarns to make shawls, scarves, blankets or even garments?
When I first learnt filet crochet I wasn't that keen on it but last year I took another look at filet and I'm seeing the potential to create some wonderful modern looking designs. I've submitted a few potential filet designs to various magazines but unfortunately they haven't been commissioned.... yet. I'm not giving up.
I'm teaching this class tomorrow at Spin A Yarn. I know it's short notice but if you're in the south west why not join me? You'll learn all the basic filet crochet techniques. In the morning we'll practice various filet stitches and in the afternoon, you'll get my 'Love is in the air' cowl pattern which i made in two shades of Rowan Felted Tweed. I only used 50gr and it was actually left overs of two half used balls.
My original plan was to crochet the short ends together but then I decided I fancied adding a big button instead. The wholes created by the pattern are perfect for button holes. You can ofcourse make this as big as you wish. Individual squares are added to the last one.
 Last week, I had another flas of inspiration and decided to start on another filet design. I had 90gr left of a Fibrespates Vivacious dk skein. I'd used a bit for swatching for various designs but I loved the colour so much, I really wanted to use the rest for something. Unfortunately I ran out quicker than I though I would so I'll be getting another skein and continuing to make this into an infinity scarf.
The crocheters who come to my class tomorrow will be given both of these patterns to choose from and will start their projects in the afternoon, so they can get going on them while I'm there to help them.

Sounds like fun? The class is tomorrow, Tuesday 11 June and there are spaces left. So pick up your phone quickly and call the shop on 01626 836203 to book your space now! If you're new to Spin A Yarn, it's a gorgeous shop in Bovey Tracey just south of Exeter in Devon. It's only a few minutes off the A38 so it's easy to get to.

Come on! You know you want to. Join me tomorrow!

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