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Friday, January 04, 2013

Our holiday in Norway - part 2

 We've gone for a lot of walks in the area near my parents home in Norway. There wasn't a lot of snow when we arrived but it was enough for us.
 The highlight of our visit to Teknisk Museum (Science Museum) in Oslo was having a go in the evacuation shute like the ones they use on oil rigs. Below Em is having a go.
 We had a few very mild days and even some rain which meant most of the snow was washed away. Then it froze again and we were left with horrible icy conditions. 

Below is the main beach in the village we lived in when I started primary school.
The house we lived in had its own small beach (below):
 The church were we got married 21 years ago.
 Me and Simon outside the church:
 My old primary school which is now used for offices.
 The church we got married in is right next to my old school.
 Yesterday Simon, Em and I (Vanessa has A level exams when we get home so has stayed home to revise most days) went to an island nearby, Jeløy. We wanted to walk through the woods to  a small beach.
 We didn't quite expect these icy conditions. The paths were like an ice rink. Simon and I made our way carefully through the woods.
 While Em pretended she was skating. She managed to stay on her feet till just before we reached the beach when she fell. She now has a sore hip & shoulder.
 We got to the beach eventually.
 Simon and Em did a photo shoot for a new hat design.We got some good pics. I'll get the pattern finished and edited and hopefully released in a couple of weeks.
 I'd worn this hat a lot on this holiday. I thought it looked really cute on Em but she prefers her new blue/purple hands-spun hat.
 We spent some time walking around the beach and taking photos. Then we carefully made or way back through the icy woods.

Saturday we head home and next week I've got a lot of pattern writing to be getting on with as well as designs to publish.
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