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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Our holiday in Norway - part 1

 Our holiday in Norway is nearly over so I thought I'd share some photos. Above is my Mum, me and my girls all dressed up on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Day my sister and her family came for brunch (our main celebration was on Christmas Eve at my sister's house). After brunch we took my nephews sledging.
 Storm looks like he's enjoying himself. Below he decided to use his brother's ' body board's as a snow board. He fell over a lot to start with but got the hang of it quite quickly. So my parents have bought him a snow board for his birthday tomorrow. He had cross country skis for Christmas.
 A couple of days later we visited Vigelands Parken in Oslo. It's an area with sculptures in the large Frogner Parken but the weather was awful. We had really heavy, very wet snow. After about 30 mins we were getting quite wet.

 Look how murky it looks. We didn't stay long.
 But the girls did find the entrance to Narnia.
 Just south of where my parents live is Fredrikstad & the old town is really attractive. The water around the fortified old town was frozen.
 And after seeing other people walking on the ice we ventured across it too.
More photos of our adventures tomorrow.

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