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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On A Finishing Streak!

 I've been on a bit of a finishing streak since we came back from holiday. I picked up a few projects that were close to being finished and got them done. First up is the Buffalo Wool Co shawlette. I got this yarn at Alexandra Palace in October and it didn't take me long to cast on. I wanted to create a one skein shawlette as this yarn isn't cheap. 
 The yarn is gorgeous to work with though and I love this shawlette. When I got to the edging I decided I fancied some beads. I chose my beads and in the light in my lounge it looked good. I thought my lounge was fairly bright but last week it was quite dull and dark several days and I didn't always put the light on during the day when I was knitting. Then one day last week I visited my friend, Clare. I got my knitting out while we were chatting, like I always do. Her lounge has much more natural light than hours and I sat right in front of her big patio doors. The beads looked totally different and I didn't like them at all. By the time I left I'd decided to rip the edging out (it was half done at that point). I chose some pale pink miracle/illussion beads instead and started the edging again. I'm so glad I did as I love the result now.

Last autumn Linda from Tall Yarns sent me a skein of her new AlpacaBoo yarn. The 50gr skein has 300m and the 100gr skein 600m. I had a 50gr skein in a beautiful grey. The yarn thickness is  between a sock and a laceweight yarn. Perfect if you're not quite ready to tackle laceweight yet or want something a little bit thicker than lace but not quite sock weight.
 As I only had 50gr I wanted to design a pattern than used up as much of what i\ had as possible. I chose a stitch pattern, decided to add some miracle/illusion beads again. I think I'm slightly addicted to those round beads. I finished the scarf this weekend. It's fairly short but if you want it longer you just need to keep knitting (and buy more yarn ofcourse). The pattern won't be ready until February probably. This scarf looks gorgeous and I'm wondering about making a wider, longer, rectangluarl shawl version using the same stitch pattern. Because the stitch pattern repeat is so long, (48 rows) and so varied it doesn't get boring at all.
 I tried to block the Handmaiden Seasilk shawlette I knitted in Norway while we were there but I must admit blocking without my pro blocking equipment wasn't easy. So last week I re-blocked it using my wires, blocking pins and it turned out much better. I am thinking of having a larger version knitted up in one of my own yarns but I don't have time right now and all my knitters are busy too. I'm hoping to publish this in February although if I decide to knit a larger version it will probably be March. I was thinking how good it'd look with beads too.....
I've done a little bit more work on the 'Marks & Katten' cape i started in Norway. I can't quite decide how to proceed with this so it's a bit stuck right now.
 Last week I got some Knit Pro Karbonz double pointed needles and it's making me itch to knit some socks again. I was considering casting on for a new pair but then I found this pair i started last year and think I probably should finish this first. It's the top down version of a toe up sock pattern I designed last year but haven't published yet. At the moment I'm using my Signature dpns for this sock but if I change them to my Karbonz I get to try those out without casting on for another pair. I'm trying to keep my current projects to a minimum as I'm about to start a new crochet design, just waiting for the yarn to arrive.
 This weekend I picked up another hibernating shawl. I started this shawl in Lornas Laces Solemate last autumn some time. I wanted stripes but started without any firm plans as to what i wanted to do with the edging.  I've made a decision now and worked one repeat of the edging chart. I don't think I'll have enough yarn for one more repeat and I did think about throwing in some lace and swatched an idea earlier but didnt' like it. I need to decide how to proceed soon as I want to finish this.
I have one more design I'm actively working on but it's in my hand bag so I forgot to photograph it. It's the lace shawl I cast on in Norway in some yarn I bought in Norway. Progress has been slow but it's not been my main project. I want to try to finish the Lornas Laces shawl before I seriously put some effort in to my Norwegian shawl.

I found some beads I'd forgotten I had last week. I have them in 2 sizes to go with either lace yarn or sock yarn. I love the colour of these beads and they were on my desk when I sat down earlier. I'm itching to find some suitable yarn and cast on. As I'm writing this I think I may have thought of a suitable yarn. I should wait till I've finished at least one more shawl before casting on though, shouldn't I? Or maybe not? I could do some charting and swatching in the meantime......
 I've kept looking at my spinning wheel since we've been back. I missed spinning while we were in Norway and was determined to get into it after we got home but so far I've not touched my wheel. This morning the latest Sweet Georgia Fiber Club parcel arrived. I love this month's blend. It's merino/silk in a gorgeous cream and pink colours. The pink is a bit similar to the pink I'm currently spinning (which is an old Sweet Georgia club fibre). I'm not sure if I want to spin another pink yarn straight away and have some Sweet Georgia Panda fibre I'd like to spin. I've also got a friend coming around for a batt making party soon so I may end up with some batts I'd like to spin instead.
 I've listed a new sterling silver shawl pin. This is the Little Celtic Heart pin and it's so cute and elegant. It's smaller than the aluminium pins and perfect for your most delicate lace. I've kept one for myself and the other 2 are in the shop. See the rest of the new shawl pins here.
I've shared what's on my needles this week. What's on your needles? What are you working on? Or have you got a project you're itching to cast on? Tell me in the comments.


Elaine said...

What I've just finished? Here it is.
I love your lace work. I've never tried beads yet, but want to soon.

Sea said...

I've currently got a hat on my needles, a union jack one for my American friend. She sent me some lovely USA yarn for Yule, but as I've just made one pair of lacy fingerless gloves, I think a pair of your Robyn pattern one's a overdue, as I made the cowl last year, but pressie knitting got in the way, before I had chance to make the matching mitts