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Friday, November 23, 2012

Piccadilly - The Beads & Lace Collection

It's time to reveal another design from The Beads & Lace Collection. Piccadilly is available as an individual pattern and as part of the collection. 

I love Noro's colours but I must admit I don't always love knitting with Noro yarns. I did write this blog post in the summer about the experience of knitting this shawl. I loved the colours in this skein of Noro Sekku and there are so many other gorgeous colours available too but if you really can't cope with knitting with Noro and this yarn is a bit of a challenge to knit with due to it's 'singles' construction, there are other self-striping yarns you can use instead. 
 Piccadilly is a small crescent shawlette with an interesting 'feather and fan' lace pattern at the lower edge and top edge. The feather and fan stitch pattern is a bit different from your regular feather and fan stitch pattern. The crescent shape is created by working a combination of short rows and decreases.
 Vanessa modelled this shawl for me in the summer and I think the colours in this shawl are really flattering for her pale skin.
 Look at all those pretty colours! How can you resist it? Get to your nearest yarn shop or search your stash for a skein of Noro Sekku and cast on this weekend.
Piccadilly is available as a single pattern or as part of The Beads & Lace Collection. At the moment the patterns in the collection will be available as single patterns as I publish them and when I've published all the patterns, you can download the e-book. If you order the collection now you'll get it at a discounted price. Price will increase once the complete e-book is published. 

Never knitted with beads before? I've recorded this video tutorial. 

Have a great weekend x

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