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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Pattern - Lamorna Cove

 I've been in a bit of a deadline fog lately. I finished my latest deadline design on Monday and I've been busy grading and writing up the patterns for the next round of deadlines in December. I've got 3 knitters helping me with this. I'll be doing some knitting too though so I'm about to dive into another deadline fog this week.
 There's only so much I can cope with and my neck/back has been bad lately too which is probably because I'm doing too much. This all means that The Beads & Lace Collection has taken a back seat. But I'm working on getting on top of it again. The final pattern will be sent to tech editor today. I've finished making the corrections to the newest pattern release from the collection, which is Lamorna Cove.
 This is one of my favourite designs from this collection. I originally knitted it for a friend who'd broken her arm back in the late spring. I then decided I wanted to turn it into a pattern using one of the 150gr BFL Dream Sock. The slightly larger skein has more yarn than your average sock yarn skein which means you can get a larger shawl and I love this size. I'm big and this is big enough for me but it's not going to swamp you if you're petite.
 If you have more yarn at your disposal, say two 100gr skeins of sock yarn then you can make the beaded lacy hem deeper, which I did on the original (the original didn't have beads though).
I love the beaded lacy hem on this shawl. I've wanted to use it for a long time and I'm glad i finally found a shawl it fitted into.
Lamorna Cove is available individually now and will be part of the Beads & Lace Collection e-book/printed booklet which you can pre-order at a lower price now. 


Kerry said...

I love it. Will definitely be having a go at it. Added it to my ravelry queue.

Grace said...

This is so beautiful! I have been looking for a good shawl pattern and this one looks perfect for me!