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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What are you doing on Sunday?

I'll be at The Big Knit Show at the Corn Exchange in Exeter. I've seen a list of the full line up of stalls this week and it looks like it's going to be a fab show. Some great stalls with a variety of knitterly goodies on offer.

This is my Fibre Flurry stall.
I'll be there with my yarn and patterns. The Craftie Pixie will be there helping me as I'm giving Simon the day off. He's been brilliant this year and has helped me do 4 shows. He works all week then I drag him off to work on weekends too. Then he goes back to work on Monday. But doing 2 shows in 2 weeks was too much for him,especially as he was away in Scotland last weekend. So Pixie kindly agreed to help me. She knows my yarns really well and has knitted several of my shawl samples which will be on display, so she'll probably do a better job than me.

I'm teaching an Easy Lace workshop too. It's an hour taster workshop and it's only £10, which is a bargain. We'll practice working yarn overs between different combinations of knit and purl stitches and different decreases and you'll learn how to knit from a chart. After this workshop you should have the confidence to knit a simple lace pattern like my Elegance Scarf.

There will also be a knit lounge where you can knit and chat to old and new friends. There is nothing like sitting down knitting with lots of other people who are as obsessed with knitting as you are. Even if you come to a show on your own and sit down alone there'll be someone there you can talk to.

The childrens knitting area is being run by a friend of mine, Vicky Rowan. She's an expert in fun knits for kids. Not many shows have this kind of offer on for kids so it's the perfect opportunity to encourage your kids to get knitting. There will also be spinning demos and lots of other stuff going on.

I kind of wish I wasn't having a stall and could come as a visitor and enjoy browsing all the fantastic stalls and knit with other knitters in the knit lounge but you'll find me behind the YarnAddict table.

So what are you doing on Sunday?

1 comment:

Sea said...

sounds great, the nearest any shows get to here is Manchester/Liverpool/Harrogate/Glasgow, all too far away after a tiring week at work. Harrogate takes longer to get to than Glasgow from here!
I've just done my first ever pair of adult socks, I think that leaves lace and enterlac I have never tackled. Although I have done some chunkier lace, does that count?
The scarf looks beautiful :)