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Monday, November 07, 2011

An Autumn Walk

Last week is a bit of a blur, it took me most of the week to recover from our trip to Birmingham. My back was really bad again after the Fibre Flurry weekend. I had a massage last week which helped a lot but for some reason I've developed a new pain in my lower back. When I stand for a few minutes, for example when queuing in shops and post office (which I do quite often) the side of my lower back locks up and I limp for a few minutes. Not sure why this is happening and I hope it'll go away soon.

I've done very little knitting in the last week. It's mainly been all about secret crochet projects, which ofcourse I can't share. I know you hate that but I can't help it. I'm really enjoying it though. I have been working on a crochet design I can share but I keep forgetting to take photos. I'll try again tomorrow. It's a new design for a little crochet scarf & it's really pretty. Even my daughters like it.

Instead I'll share some photos from a walk Em and I took our dog, Sam, and our inlaws dog, Bracken, on last Friday. The two dogs are sisters from the same litter but they don't look anything like each other. I kep trying to get a pic of them together but neither of them like having their pic taken.
 We went to a river nearby which has a wide path. I thought this would be a clean place to walk but the path was rather muddy in places. It did look beautiful with different coloured leaves though.

 The river was very fast flowing and as our dog is very small I was relieved neither of them fancied a swim.
 Look at all those leaves:
 Later this week, I'll be publishing the Cherish Shawlette which was first published in Knitting a year ago. I have a few final little details left to add to the pattern so I'll leave you with a picture to tempt you instead.
 The Cherish shawl is modelled by our friend, Sarah, and we took the photos on a local beach in August.
I've listed most of the yarns we had left from Fibre Flurry now, but there are some more sock yarn to come tomorrow. You can find all the new arrivals here. On Sunday 13th November we'll be at The Big Knit Show in Exeter where I'll also be teaching an easy lace workshop. It's only an hour long workshop but we'll cover how to knit yarn overs and various decreases and how to read lace charts. So it'll be basically all you need to knit simple lace patterns.

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