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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Fibre Flurry

I'm just about starting to recover from our weekend in Birmingham and Fibre Flurry. We drove up on Thursday  afternoon. by the time we got there we didn't fancy doing anything so had a meal in the lovely pub next to our Travelodge. Great food.

On Friday we headed in to the centre of Birmingham and the Bull Ring Centre. We managed to find some cheap parking (£2.50 all day) just down the road from the shopping centre. Our main aim for the day was for Simon to buy an outfit to wear for his nephew's 21st birthday this weekend. Sounds easy enough. Well, Simon doesn't really like shopping and we couldn't find an M&S. So we ended up in Debenhams and managed to get a nice pair of trousers and shirt fairly quickly. I bought a pair of fancy trainers, those that are supposed to tone your legs when you exercise. I wore them today walking in to town and they felt weird. will take some time getting used to I think.

We had a break in the St Martins Church Cafe and sat on the patio at the front of the church. We noticed there was a wedding about to take place in the church and sat there waiting to see if we could see the bride. Eventually I went to the loo and ofcourse the bride arrived while I was away but Simon took these pics:

On Saturday it was time for Fibre Flurry. We were in the Ashford Hall:
This is our stall:
This is the lace yarn section:

And the sock yarn section:
It's always a struggle to display enough samples. I have more shawls than I can display at these event. If you see me at a show and can't see the shawl you fancy knitting, please ask me as I may have the shawl in a box behind the counter.

P/hop was present as well and raised quite a lot of money. If you've not heard of p/hop before, they raise money for Medisins Sans Frontier by providing patterns in return for a donation.
We had a great time at Fibre Flurry. The event was popular although not quite as busy as last year but still a great day. Thank you to all those who came and said hello and bought our yarn and patterns. I hope you're happy with your purchase. If you missed out, I've started listing the leftovers in the shop. More to come tomorrow. In the afternoon I taught a continental knitting class. I had a full class of excellent knitters and had a great time. It was great to meet you all.


Sarah said...

Great pics, lovely stall. Maybe I'll be able to make it next year.

SewIknit2 said...

I had a great time and have half-knit the fabulous Flamenca shawl which is LOVELY in the yarn too!
Nice to meet you.
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you Sue. I'm glad you're enjoying Flamenca. It's a fun knit.