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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Antony House

On Sunday Simon, Em & I went to Antony House, near Torpoint. This is where they filmed the 'Alice in Wonderland' film a few years ago. It's a small house and although it's beautiful, it doesn't look that nice with scaffolding.
The grounds of the house are beautiful. With so many different areas. Big open lawns, formal gardens,

woodland areas. You can walk right down to the River Tamar. We didn't do it this time but we have done before.
Some absolutely amazing trees. In fact I think this would make a great photo shoot location for my shawls. The only problem is they shut for the winter this weekend. It's a National Trust property but the family still live there so I'm not sure if the national trust owns it or the family does. Also, I suppose to do a photo shoot somewhere like this you'd need to get permission. Wonder how easy that is to get and if they charge for it? Anyone know about stuff like that?
This huge tree was just amazing with so many unusual branches.

There were lots of different archways which would make good back drops for knits. Emily is practising for her future career as a knit wear model. I just need her to grow another inch or two.
Some beautiful walls too:

There are some interesting stuff in this garden. Like this big bell.
Play areas hidden behind trees. Emily proving she's not too old to have fun.
Some of the fun stuff is new post 'Alice in Wonderland' I think. This tree hut was funny.
I asked Emily to go and sit in it and suddenly someone started talking to her. There were flashing lights and a sound recording playing. She didn't expect it and it took her by surprise.

Definitely an 'Alice' leftover:
In front of the house there is a beautiful court yard area with these arches running down each side.

Behind where I took this photo was a coffee shop.
It was a lovely afternoon out. We've been a couple of times before but a few years ago and I'd forgotten how lovely this place is. It's not open very much and I wish we'd gone earlier in the summer as I think we would have visited several times if we had. This property shuts completely end of this week and don't re-open until March. It would make a fab photo shoot venue though? Think I'll have to plan one for next year.


Jen said...

Yes, sadly I know all about booking photo shoots at NT properties as I used to work as a gardener for the NT. You need to get permission in advance, and a photography license can cost up to £1,000 per day. It's one of the ways that they fund the upkeep of their properties.
Jen x

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jen. Can't believe it's that expensive. Can't afford that. I did take some photos at another local National Trust property for The Easy Lace Collection but it wasn't in the garden but on a river/quay side area which is open to anyone. Wonder if they would spot us if we just wondered around the garden taking photos.