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Monday, July 11, 2011

want to win a prize?

Yesterday we headed off to Cotehele Quay to do a photo shoot for the Easy Lace Collection. Our friends' daughter, Sarah, agreed to model for me and she did a brilliant job. I'm not going to show you all the photos today but I am going to share the photos of the cowl/mitts combo as I still need a name for these. I had some suggestions before but I wasn't sure about them - sorry to those who suggested them, your suggestions were great, much better than what I came up with. So I'm giving you all another chance to suggest a name for this design and win a copy of the Easy Lace Collection e-book when it's published.
The Cowl is knitted flat and buttoned and both cowl and mitts feature a beaded diamond design. The mitts are just a tube knitted in the round without a thumb or fingers which makes it really easy to knit and versatile to wear. They are also quite long so perfect if you like wearing 3/4 length sleeves.
 The mitts have the lace pattern on one half only with a rib on the inside to improve the fit of the mitts.
 Any suggestions for names would be greatly appreciated. Leave a comment and i'll choose the winner on Wednesday.
I've already published pattern 1 of the Easy Lace Collection which was the Celtic Jewel.

I'm planning to publish pattern 2 this week before we go to London. If you purchase either pattern you will receive a discount code which will give you £3 off the full price of the Easy Lace Collection e-book when it's published. I'm really, really hoping to send it off for proof reading before we go to London but I only have 2 days left to get everything pulled together. Vanessa and I did a photo shoot for the 'how to' photos last week but the photos weren't good enough so I'm trying again tomorrow. I wish I was good at drawing as I think drawing the illustrations for things like yo, k2tog, ssk etc would be a lot easier than getting photos. i'm hoping to embed a video link too, not quite worked out how to do this yet though. If anyone reading is brilliant at drawing and would be able to draw clear, technical how to drawings showing yarn overs, k2tog, ssk, sk2po, how to add a bead, and would love to do it for the book (I will pay), please let me know. I'd need them by next week though.

It's been a busy weekend but I'll tell you more about that tomorrow. Our dinner is nearly ready and I'm hungry.


Annie said...

Hi Anni

I would like to call this pattern Cornish Blackbery Frappe as it reminds me of the blackberries in the hedgerows in autumn when I lived down there in you neck of the woods

stephcuddles said...

How bout Shaela?

klgrant1971 said...

How about Victoriana-Goth? Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for the suggestions so far.

Annie, is it the colour or the stitch pattern that remind you of blackberries?

Anonymous said...

I suggest Down the Garden Path or just Garden Path because the pattern reminds me of some particularly nice spots in my garden ;-)

blessedspeedy said...

Dewdrops as they look like little drops on the mitts and cowl

Nanny Jean said...

The pattern reminds me of cat paws plus diamonds. How cute.

Sarah Knits said...

For these I am suggesting 'diamond elegance' as they look and feel like that when worn!

leni425 said...

Cornish Treasures/Gems or Hedgerow Treasures/Gems, playing on the colours in the pictures of blackberries, ivy, greenery and all the other things you can find in a hedgerow (which there are plenty of in Cornwall, a lot of your yarns (and a few of the patterns I believe) have Cornish names, pirates - as Cornwall have several (real or not) connections with pirateing, and finally, at least one of the patterns having a gem/jewel/treasure connotation.

Steph said...

How about 'Gothic Glamour'?

Steph x

electronjam said...

I don't remember what I suggested last time you asked for names, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself! I love this pattern, especially the lace/rib combination - so practical and pretty at the same time.

How about: Elegance, Windsor, Latticework, or Marchioness