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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Front Cover

I've been working on some options for the front cover of the Easy Lace Collection and I need your help again. Tell me which one you like.

This was my first option. Simon said it looked like a 'college scrap book cover'.
Cover 1:

 Cover 2:
 Cover 3:
 Cover 4:
 Cover 5: 
Simon suggested a single photo. Cover 6:

 Cover 7:
Or this one showing all the designs? cover 8:
ETA: What about the last one with a cream background?  Cover 9:

Please leave a comment with your preference, comments, opinions etc. I really value it. Some of them need some more tweaking. they're just rough ones right now.


Tracie said...


I like Cover 7 and also Cover 4 but with some text in between the two photos on the left (or reducing the gap)


Cybèle said...

definitely the last one! Looks very professional to me (mind you, I have an unprofessional eye ;-) But seriously, it looks appealing.

ClaireEJ said...

Eep, I still think cover 3.

Alyssa said...

I don't like any of the blue ones - I think that's just me personally. Covers 2, 4, and 5 have trapped white space, which is a real design no-no; you could fix this by moxing the pictures closer together to make the gutter (the space between the pictures) even - basically, if you want the pictures to seem like a "group," the sapce between every picture should be the same.

That said, I like cover 8, if the color was cream or white. I just don't think that the blue compliments the knits.

Hope I didn't seem like a know-it-all or something! I was really into yearbook in high school, so I learned all the publishing terms and techniques.

Pixie said...

I like Cover 8 as it shows all the designs but I don't like the blue as Alyssa says it doesn't compliment what your showing.. you need them to pop out at you.

sara said...

I like number 8 but not the blue.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone. I appreciate all and any feedback. A lot of people don't like the blue. I'm not keen on white. Any background colour suggestions?

fibreclaireUK said...

Cover 8 but not the blue : )

Rowan said...

I like cover 8 - with the cream background - classy.

Bronagh said...

I like the layout of 8/9 but would not have gaps between the pictures - ie make them a frieze across the bottom.

You might want to consider a compliment to all the blue tones in the pictures by using a something with a yellow tone as the background.

Steph said...

My favourite is no.9 as it's clean, fresh and easy to see everything. (but I also like 3 if you only want to use 3 photos). x

Modelwidow said...

Well being the odd one out I like cover 8 with the blue! I like to see all of the designs on the cover and feel that having a coloured background contrasts nicely - but that's just me.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Cover 8

Fairyknits said...

I like cover 9. But what about a lavender background.
Your avatar is purple/lavender und you seem to like this colour in your knitting work. So it would be very "Anniken Allis" for me with a lavender/purple backgound if it matches the knitting designs.

Becs Clayton said...

cover 7, the white background shows off the blue colour shawl, less is more!


Elaine said...

I like cover 8 with grey for a background.

Ann said...

I like cover #8 & I like the blue. Cover #9 will be my second choice.