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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Name chosen

I've been considering carefully the suggestion for the name for the cowl and mitts set. I'm not very keen on any suggestions directly related to colour because I do have a larger size in a different colour which i haven't photographed yet but I'm hoping to include them. I didn't get Sarah (my model) to model them as she's very petite and the other set is a large size. I ought to model them myself but I'm not keen on modelling. So I may have to try to persuade Ness to model them. She's not large but she's bigger than Sarah. The cowl may be too big for her though. But I was thinking we'd do a photoshoot in the garden with her playing her guitar like we did for the Mountain Peaks Set.

Back to names, my favourites were Diamond Elegance, Down the Garden Path, and Cornish Gems. One suggestion was Victoriana Goth and I like Victoriana but not the goth bit as I feel it's too linked to the colour.

After a lot of thought, I've decided to go for Cornish Gems. I think Leni was the one who suggested that. Leni, you win a copy of the e-book when it's ready in a few weeks, which will probably be when Leni is in Norway. Leni is a fellow Norwegian and I know she's looking forward to a trip home this summer.

I'm still considering options for The Easy Lace Collection front cover. I've taken on board everyone's suggestions and I'll reveal my choice next week. I've got tons of jobs still do to before i go to London. I've got a couple of posts planned while I'm away including one for tomorrow which i'm very, very excited about so do check back and if you see me wondering around at Knitnation please say hello.

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