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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yes, I've finally decided on names for the Easy Lace Collection. First up is 'Do The Twist' which I was really struggling to decide between 'Entwined' & 'Celtic Jewel'. I love 'Entwined' but I decided to go with 'Celtic Jewel' suggested by Rowan.

The names suggested for the Supreme Sock Shawlette were great too and I particularly liked 'Love in a mist' but I decided to go for 'Frosty Diamonds' suggested by Joy.

For 'Flower & Vine' I really liked 'Dewdrops' and 'Forget Me Not' and I've only just decided to go for 'Forget Me Not' by Allyssa.

The 'Fairytale'  shawlette is going to be called 'Fairytale'. the working title was 'Fairytale' because the yarn I knitted it in was called 'Fairytale' and I really liked this name. And Maria agreed with me.

So the winners are Rowan, Joy, Alyssa and Maria. Can you all please e-mail me with your contact details or leave your e-mail address in the comments - I won't publish your e-mail addresses, noone will see them as I have to check all comments before they're published. You all win a free copy of the Easy Lace E-book when it's finished which will hopefully be sometimes in July. Thank you for helping me decide on names and thank you to all those who left suggestions. I did get a couple of suggestions for the cowl and handwarmer set but I'm sorry I wasn't sure about either of them. I'll wait until I've completely finished them and I'm also working on a sideways shawlette. If I can't decide on names for those, we'll do another competition soon.

This week has been mainly dyeing yarn and printing patterns. I now have a lounge full of wet yarn, piles of dry yarn and stacks of patterns. It always goes a little bit crazy in the week before a show. I don't have enough room in my workroom to store everything. I think it drives the family mad.

I've tried to go for some brighter colours this time. I felt at Wonderwool our yarn wasn't quite colourful enough so this time we've gone for some bright colourful stuff. There are some slightly more muted colours too. I'll get some pics and share them over the coming days before we leave for Cumbria on Wednesday.

I've listed some of the new yarn in the shop but it won't stay there for long. I'll empty the shop on Tuesday morning so hurry up if you want to order any of it. The shop will be closed form Tuesday lunchtime until next Monday, when I'll start re-stocking it with Woolfest leftovers.

I've been sharing some preview photos on Twitter so I thought it's only fair to share some here too.

First, some Twinkle Sock, I dyed much more of this yesterday but it's not all dry yet.
Twinkle Lace:

And some Dreamy Lace:


Fairyknits said...

Dear Anni.

I'm so happy you chose one of my suggestions. Im looking forward to your ebook.

Greetings from Germany

Ann said...

The names of the shawls sound great. I am knitting the Daisy Shawlette now & it's looking good.