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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Supreme Lace

 I've got a big update of Supreme Lace yarn today. Perfect for the lace shawl in Simply Knitting 79.

The colourway, Touch, used for the shawl in the magazine is here. I haven't received my copy of the magazine yet so I'm not sure what they've called the shawl. Anyone seen it?

Want to see some of the colourways available? I had great fun on Tuesday dyeing up this rainbow of colours:

Here they are all together:
My favourites are a new colourway called Duck Egg Blue - I tried mixing two colours I've never mixed before and I love it:
And 'Awesome' which is fuschia overdyed with purple creating a mainly purple colourway with a bit of fuschia poking through in places:
I'm in the middle of deadline knitting right now and struggling to get two designs done on time. My back and neck has been very, very bad this week and I've had awful headaches. It's actually made knitting difficult this week. I've got a massage booked on Saturday and I desperately need it. My shoulders are so tight they feel like they're glued to my ears.

I'd better get back to my knitting, those deadlines are not going to disappear. Newsletter will be sent out in a few minutes. Go and take a look at the shop update.


pendie said...


Dori said...

Lovely yarn! Have you tried using one of those wheat packs you can heat up in the microwave for your neck? They seem to help a little with tension and pain.

Enjoy your massage.

Anonymous said...

I've tried those and use them occasionally. they don't really help much. They soothe the pain a little bit when it's not too bad but when it's like it has been this week it doesn't make any difference at all. I already take three different painkillers plus anti-inflammatories (19 tablets in total every day). Planning a relaxing day after my massage tomorrow. Will just relax and knit all afternoon, hopefullly that'll improve things.