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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bits and pieces

We've had another busy weekend with a lovely walk around a small lake on the moors on Sunday. It was lovely and sunny. My back/neck was bad so I didn't walk very far and sat in the sun with my knitting while Simon and Emily walked the whole way around. It was lovely and warm and pleasant. Spring is definitely here.

Lace Variety Club parcels were finally posted yesterday and the yarn was definitely spring inspired. I'll try to remember to share some photos soon.

Yesterday I went to a machine knitting group and it was a very inspiring afternoon. There are some great machine knitters there and the swatches they brought to share were fantastic. It's made me want to do some machine knitting. i'd hope to find time to do some today but haven't had time yet, perhaps this evening....

I came home with a bunch of stuff too. Hella, our host and my machine knitting teacher, was decluttering and had a table full of coned yarn for us to pick from. I ended up with a few cones of green, sorry forgot to take photos. I've been wanting to get a professional clothes steamer and Hella had one that she wanted to give away so it came home with me.
Unfortunately it doesn't have instructions and I've never used a steamer before. I suppose it's fairly common sense and I got it working. Not sure yet how useful it'll be but I'll give it a try.

A lovely surprise arrived in the post this morning:

It's the March installment of the Sweet Georgia Fiber Club.  I love both the colourway and the fibre blend. The fibre is a blend of merino, bamboo and tussah silk and I'm really looking forward to spin it. The colours are fantastic too.

I'm still working my way through the Feb club parcel. I'm about halfway through my first bobbin. I think I may have to set aside time an hour every evening for spinning this week to get it done. Here's my progress so far:
I'm still working on the wedding shawl. Last week I decided to work the edging around one corner to help me work out exactly how much yarn I'd need for the edging and to make sure i was happy with the corner placement of it. It looked great and I was very happy until I weighed it. Then I realised that it was going to use twice as much yarn as I had available. I've designed the centre panel to consist of various stitch patterns and the second half mirror the first half. There was only one thing to do. Rippitt! yes I had to rip back quite a bit. I wish I'd done what I promised myself I would do, insert a few lifelines just in case  I had to rip but I didn't and regretted. Ripping lace is not much fun but it was okay in the end. I also had to alter the edging without loosing the main effect of it and work out how much yarn I'd need for hte edging for a slightly shorter shawl. it's all done now and I'm back on tract. I've got past the stage where I had to rip back.

I have a deadline this week and I'm a bit behind on it so there will be some late night knitting this week. Fortunately it's going fairly quickly and it's a small project so I hope I can get it done on time.

I've got a very interesting post planned later this week. Watch this space.

I've dyed 3 kg of Supreme Lace today and I'm hoping it'll be in the shop on Thursday.

ETA: I've just realised i could really do with a new sample of Lazuli knitted up. the original was published in the Knitter last summer and the copyright has now reverted to me but the original yarn has been discontinued. I'd like another sample knitted up in either Supreme Lace or Silky BFL Lace before Wonderwool. Any volunteers who can knit really fast? I'd need it back by 4/5th April. If you're interested please leave your e-mail address in the comments and I'll contact you with details. It's a fairly simple top down triangular shawl.

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Sea said...

Will take photos tomorrow..but have finished Shelterbox scarf.
Tiz lovely and scrunchy..I followed the written instructions. I can do charts, but written are my preference.