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Friday, February 11, 2011


I finally finished my deadline project yesterday afternoon. On Wednesday I had planned to stay up late and finish the knitting and then do hte sewing up on Thursday morning. Well, that didn't quite work. I thought I was feeling so rough on Wednesday because of over doing it on Tuesday and it was just severe pain but it was more than that. On Wednesday afternoon I felt really rough and had bad tummy ache. I was supposed to lead housegroup that evening but after dinner I felt much worse so we cancelled and I went to bed. I read until gone 10pm and slept until 1am and was then awake for the rest of the night. I came downstairs for a few hours and then went back to be for 1.5 hours and then back downstairs. With all that time down here I should have got a lot of knitting done but I was just in so much pain I couldn't concentrate.

On Thursday I wasn't much better and was exhausted too. went back to bed in the morning after finishing the knitting and pressing the pieces. Slept for a bit and then did the sewing up. Made a mistake with attaching the buttons, or rather taking one button off. cut the wrong yarn and ended up with a big hole. Managed to rescue it but it wasn't perfect.  I got very close to having to re-knit one whole front of a cardi. Think it will be okay for the photo shoot though. I hope!

I slept fine last night and I'm much better today. I decided to do some easy knitting and last night I cast on for a triangular Simplicity Shawlette in a beautiful skein of Twinkletoes I'd kept for myself:
I needed some simple, repetitive, quick knitting after a very slow stitch pattern on my deadline project. I haven't got too much done yet.

I did some spinning last night too and started the second half of my Painted Tiger merino/bamboo/silk fibre. it's gorgeous to spin:
I think I've spun nearly half the second bobbin. I only have 3 oz in total, so that's 1.5 oz per bobbin. Not much but hopefully enough for a cowl or a small scarf or something. Not sure yet what it will become.

One of my lovely knitters, Anita, sent this shawlette back to me today:
It's knitted in Twinkletoes and has some beading. it'll probably be part of my 'Easy Lace' E-book. I've got a small section left to finish. I wasn't sure how to finish it off so decided I would do that section myself. It's a very simple pattern with lacy diamonds:
The pics are not good and I can't quite capture the gorgeous green colour or the twinkles in the yarn.

Due to the illness I've not managed to do any dyeing for an update this weekend. I'm planning some dyeing tomorrow, so there may be an update on Monday. There will be a Pattern Of The Week tomorrow though.

I've got a weekend of swatching and pattern writing planned. I've got one pattern to finish off and 3 more to write up in one size for the sample size. Then next week I need to do the other sizes so I can get it off to be checked as soon as possible. These are the patterns for the new Manos Serena yarn which is being launched in March. the yarn arrived on Wednesday and is gorgeous. Really beautiful, subtle colours. I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon winding about 20 50 gr skeins for 3 sample garments. I didn't take any photos of the yarn though.

Back to my swatching. I've got several submission deadlines to swatch for this weekend.

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Dori said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds like it's been a gruelling week.

Yay for Pattern of the Week and pretty green Twinkletoes and fun to spin fibre. :)