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Thursday, December 23, 2010

We made it!

Yes, this time we made it to Norway. We left Cornwall at 8pm on Tuesday evening to allow ourselves plenty of time to get to Stansted just in case the traffic was as bad as it was on Saturday. we had to be in the carpark by 6am. We got to Stansted by 2am! There was almost no cars on the roads at all and the roads were completely clear. We sat in the services at Bishops Stortford for an hour but it was rather chilly there so we went on to the airport.

We were so relieved when we boarded the plane and even more relieved and pleased when we landed! It was cold though. I thought we'd gotten used to cold weather with temperatures hovering around and just below 0 for weeks now but it was -15 when we landed.

We didn'd do much yesterday. We were exhausted after travelling over night. I slept and did lots of knitting and then had an early night. We've had a quiet day today too. The girls decorated the tree (and I forgot to take  a photo) but I'm sure I'll take one in the next few days. Then they made marsipan which I love. Luckily I'd gone to bed for an hour or I would have eaten it all.

Lots of knitting progress. I finished the fingers on Em's first flip top glove:

Sorry it's been photogrpahed inside out.

Look at all those ends to weave in. I've got to try and work out how to do the flip top now. Vanessa has requested a pair too but I'm not sure if I've got the right colours of sock yarn for her. I told her we'd go through my Mum's leftover sock yarn and the ones I've brought and see if she likes any of them. I'm not buying anything new. I'd also like to do some Selbu inspired mittens for myself too which I'd like to start asap. I'm hoping i may be able to finish Em's first gove tonight and perhaps get to the fingers on the second.

I also finished Vanessa's first sock last night:

Cast on for the second one.

Haven't done much knitting so far today so will need to crack on tonight. Vanessa needs these socks to keep her feet warm. The girls want me to knit them balaclavas. They realised on their walk earlier that when I said it would be COLD I meant it!

My last minute Christmas present to all my blog readers is a Ravelry pattern offer. Buy one pattern from my Ravelry shop and get one free. Why not buy one of your knitting friend a last minute pattern for Christmas and get one for yourself. Or treat yourself to a pattern or more to knit as a reward for all the Christmas knitting (or if you're like me and haven't done any Christmas knitting, as a reward for all the Christmas preparations) you've done. Go on treat yourself. Valid until 30 December midnight London time.  Use code: jul.

We celebrate on Christmas eve in Norway and this year we're going to my sister. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.



Pixie said...

Yeah to you being there and safely too.. have a super time and catch up with you soon x

Jheral Tinzy said...

God Jul to you too Anni. It's good to know that you got there... Have a lovely holiday in Norway.

They're forecasting even more snow for us in the South West after Christmas.


Joyce across the Pond said...

Glad you made it! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve with your family.
Happy Christmas from the frozen West and North of Ireland!

Sea said...

Happy Yule/ glad you made having a rest from kniting at the moment..probabvly not for long though.