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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Attempt No 2!

This was the scene outside our house yesterday morning. It's taken from our doorstep looking down the road. Noone has drive up our road since Friday. We're on a steep hill (steeper than it looks in pic) and there is another steep hill before we get out on the main road. We have been parking our car on the estate next to ours which is linked to our road by a foot path. This afternoon when I came walking down that path it was very icy and despite holding on to the handrail there I fell and hurt my right shoulder and knee.

it was milder yesterday and it got very slushy and wet. Perfect snow for snowballs! Today it's colder and as the slush has frozen it's become very icy.

We're about to leave for Stansted again for a 8.30 am flight tomorrow morning. We're allowing twice as much time as normal for our drive and will be driving overnight.

I've spent the time at home doing a lot of knitting.

 Emily asked me a few weeks ago if I could knit 'half-finger' gloves with flip top mittens. I finally cast on yesterday evening and got all this done while watching a couple of TV programmes:

The yarns are a mix of different ones. The light blue sparkly one is Louisa Harding and is actually DK and a little bit too thick but it works okay for the cuff. The other blue is one of my Super Merino Sock yarns. The purple and lilac is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino left over from the fair isle sweater for Simply Knitting. Emily chose the colours. I've not done flip top mittens before so that'll be interesting. I started the cuff on the second one and was hoping to finish the cuff before we left so I can leave the blue colours at home but I think I will have to try to finish it in the car and leave the yarns in the car.

Vanessa wanted some sock. She choose some merino/bamboo/nylon yarn from Dragon Fibers which has been in my stash for a while, it's a bright multi-coloured yarn. And it dows pool rather a lot but Vanessa likes them. I'm hoping to finish the first sock at the airport or on the flight and get started on the second one.

I will be taken both the socks and the mittens in my hand-luggage and I may try to get the second glove to the point where I can start the fingers. I'm not sure about knitting the fingers on a cramped plane. I'm also taking a secret shawlette which is half-finished and i'm keen to finish it soon. It's easy to knit and does not take much concentration. Will probably be perfect for knitting tomorrow as i'll be tired after our overnight drive.

I'm hoping my next post will be coming from Norway. We were all a bit fed up on Sunday when we came back home again and we ate our way through a tin of Quality Street:
we've been given two tins as presents and I never thought we'd finish a whole tin in an evening.

We're off to Norway now (I hope)!


Joyce across the Pond said...

Trust you got away this morning...and those Roses...easy peasy to get through a tin...someone gave us a large box of Thorntons and I promptly gave it away....less temptation. Happy knitting!

Sea said...

I hope you get to Norway this time.