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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Knitters needed

I need some old samples knitted up in new yarns. So if you fancy a bit of lace knitting let me know. Now the terms. I need it by middle of October so I can block it and take it to Fibre Flurry on 30 October. I can't afford to pay in cash but I will pay in yarn. for a shawl the payment will be 3 skeins of yarn of your choice. volunteers must preferably live in the UK or at least close European countries. the shawls I'm looking to be knitted up are Two of a kind in Pure Silk Lace or my new Silken Lace. Sophia in Supreme or Bambino Lace. Ocean Waves in one of my sock yarns. Trinity in Ocean Silk or Silken Sock (a new yarn). Regatta and Diamonds are Forever (which has lots of beads added using crochet hook).

 I'd also like new samples of my Fern and Fame hand warmes knitted up in one of my sock yarns. The payment for each pair will be 2 skeins of yarn of your choice plus you get to keep the left over yarn from the handwarmers (they only take less than 50gr and you'll ge 100gr to knit with - not much but enough to knit yourself a pair if you wanted to).

Any volunteers pm me with details of your preferred knit and your e-mail. I won't publish those comments, just file the details for my own use. And you will need to return the samples for me to keep to use at shows. I will pay for return postage.

It's sunny today and I have yarn drying. The little bit of Ocean Silk I dyed yesterday looks beautiful and I want to keep them all for myself. LOL. That's not good business is it?! I've got lots of little jobs in the house to do, lots of knitting to do and I would like to sit outside in the sunshien for a bit. Right now I'm having a break and watching Formula 1 qualifying. I'm a big Formula 1 fan so my plans tomorrow afte church is to come home and watch the Formula 1 race while knitting. The perfect Sunday for me!

Have a lovely weekend x.


nathalie said...

I am French, are you interested, I'd love knit one of your shawls ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathalie, can you leave me your e-mail address please and I'll be in touch with you.