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Friday, August 27, 2010

We have yarn!!

Finally, a shop update. there isn't much but I do have some Ocean Silk:

Some Pure Silk Lace:

and some Silky Camel:

I just love those vibrant Silky Camel colours.  Especially this one. I may keep one of these for myself.

You can find them all here. As you can see from the photos I arranged some of the skeins differently from normal as my right shoulder was in agony when I was twisting the skeins.

I've just listed a new club too - The Easy Lace Club- which is a course in lace knitting suitable for knitters who can knit and purl but no previous lace knitting experience is necessary. The club membership lasts for 3 months (October, November, December) and each month you will receive a skein of luxury 4ply/fingering weight sock yarn in an exclusive club only colourway and a pattern designed to teach you the skills you need for successful lace knitting. You will also receive a tutorial sheet. And there may be dvd clips available too, if I can work out how to do it. The skills you will learn include how to read a lace chart, yarn overs and directional decreases, different shawl shapes, provisional cast on and how to work an applied/knitted on border. The projects will be slightly more difficult each month and some months there will be a choice of two patterns. I will be available for support too. Sounds like fun? Then sign up here . spaces are limited and the next chance will be January.

I'm just about to send out a newsletter (Friday evening) with a special offer. See the sidebar to sign up for the newsletter.

I tried to pick out a skein of Ocean Silk to go with my crochet hexagon scarf. The wound ball is my current yarn and I want a complimentary colour. Here's my choice:

I did dye some more Ocean Silk today and have tried to dye a rich purple and if it comes out like  I hope I may choose that one instead. I love both the purple and the blue skeins though and if I don't use it for the hexagon scarf I will use it for something else. I've reserved one skein of each for myself.

One secret project went in the post today and another is almost off the needles. I'd hoped to finish tonight but I've been struggling today with tiredness and pain. today has felt like an uphill struggle. I stayed up far too late last night but got quite a bit of computer stuff done. I have done quite a bit today as well really, it just feels like I haven't.

The weather looks like it might improve a bit for the weekend so perhaps I can sit outside to knit for a while. My tan is fading fast and could do with a top up. it's a long weekend this weekend and I'm looking forward to lots of relaxing knitting although there are a lot of jobs in the house that need doing.....

Nite x

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Tama said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS yarns!