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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More new designs

Let's Knit arrived on Thursday last week and Yarn Forward yesterday and I have designs in both of them.

Let's look at Let's Knit first as it arrived first

My design in this isue was the fun minidress 'Miren' knitted in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. The dress features a small flower lace pattern and half length sleeves. This dress is perfect for layering and will take you through several seasons. You can make it longer too if you wish.

Another design in Let's Knit this month that I liked was my friend, Tina Barrett's 'Monique'. If i had time to knit it  I would. I love it.

Let's Knit also reviwed my Silky Camel 4ply. There will be more Silky Camel in the update planned for Friday, that depends on the weather though. if it keeps raining the update may not happen until the weekend.

Yarn Forward is good this month too.

My design this month is Belle. Belle is a pretty cardigan with half length sleeves featuring a pretty diagonal lace pattern. The perfect layering cardigan which will take you through several seasons. I love the photos in the magazine but I can't photograph them like I used to to share with you due to copyright. But here are the pics I took before sending the sample off.

Remember I joined Tour de Fleece. Want to know how much I've spun since last time I talked about Tour de Fleece? NOTHING! I've spun a tiny amount of camel so far during the tour. we even watch the round up programme for an hour most evenings and I've still not gotten around to spinning anything. Perhaps i ought to spin during the round up programme.

Instead I've been working on some secret projects. One is off the needles adn will be blocked tonight. The other one is progressing nicely. also working on a large lace swatch which has taken quite a lot of time but nearly done now. Can't share any pics of any of these though.

I've been machien knitting too. I've now finished the back of my silk top. I'm going to knit the front and then sew shoulders and side seams so I can try it on for fit before I do the sleeves. I may try and do the tuck stitch border on the front tonight. I'm very pleased with the result so far. Pics when I've done the front too.

I've been thinking and planning my holiday knitting too. We're not off until 3rd August but I need to plan carefully what I take. our luggage allowance is very restricted. Just 30kg for the 4 of us which is not a lot. There will be a lot of knitting time: 2 plain journeys, drive from Barcelona to Alicante and back (6 hours twice), on the beach and by the pool, siestas in the flat, relaxing evenings on the balcony. I'm not taking anythign too big or hot so sweaters are out. Lace is perfect as you get a lot of kniting out of a small amount of yarn. So I'll be taking my new beaded shawl. I may also take a new secret lace project if the yarn arrives in time. Socks are perfect for the beach, so i'll take my Fantasy cables to finish and perhaps yarn for another pair or two. I need some easy lace too. Still some decisions to make.

1 comment:

Pixie said...

Oh the dress looks good, nice to see it finished and I love your photos of Belle.. again good to see it all togther, love the back detail.

Didn't see Tinas in the preview of YF don't they show them all? will have to have a peek in the mag.

Good luck deciding that to take with you on holiday and I hope the yarn arrives in time..

Off to cast on for sleeves :)