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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Easy Lace

After chatting to lots of knitters at Woolfest I decided I wanted to do a series of shawls that would be perfect for new lace knitters. Lots of knitters admired my lace shawls at Woolfest and said something like: 'I'd love to be able to knit that, but I'm not good enough. I can't knit lace'. Well, lace is not difficult and i believe everyone who can knit and purl can learn to knit lace. I love teaching my lace workshops and I teach one called 'Easy Lace'.

So when we came home from Woolfest I cast on for a shawl using Ocean Silk 4ply which is a silk/seacell blend and absolutely gorgeous. It's a 4ply/fingering weight yarn, so it's not too fine. Thin yarns can be a bit scary to some knitters who are used to much thicker yarns. Ocean Silk is gorgeous to knit with by the way.

This shawl is a half hexagon shape and has 4 increase points. Increasing along these points help to shape the shawl. Start at the back of the neck wiht just a few stitches then increase along each edge and along two 'spines' and you end up with a half hexagon shape. I started with garter stitch so new knitters can relax and concentrate on working the increases. I recommend using markers to remind you where to increase. However after a few rows you can see where teh increases should be made. then once you start getting used to working the increases and can see the shape of the shawl starting to emerge and the garter stitch starts to get a little bit boring,  you're introduced to some simple eyelet rows consisisting of yarn overs and k2tog. Nothing difficult here.

For experienced knitters this shawl is brilliant as a quick knit. You always need somethign to knit when you're watching an interesting TV programme that requires a bit of concentration, while travelling or chatting with friends. Or have you got a beautiful skein of about 400m of luxurious yarn? Then this shawl will be perfect. The simple stitch pattern is perfect for showing off a special yarn.

The shawl is called 'Simplicity' and will be launched in a day or two. I just need to double check the pattern and add some photos.

We've had a week of a bit of illness here.  Simon was ill last weekend, Vanessa was ill and home from school on Monday. Emily said she's felt a bit off this week but been to school. I woke up this morning and felt rough but then I feel like that everyday. Due to my chronic neck/back pain I normally wake up in a lot of pain and feel very stiff. it takes me a while to get going. This morning I was feeling a little worse than normal and it look me longer than normal to get going. I also had a bit of an upset tummy, which I do suffer from at times probably side effect from the 20 odd painkillers  I take every day. I packed up some parcels and got ready to leave for knitting group as I was on duty today (we take it in turns to turn up early to put the signs up and to make sure someone is there for the whole session). I managed to drag myself into town and got to knitting group about 40 mins late. I enjoyed it there though. not very many of us there but we had a lovely chat. then a friend came over for an hour. Then this afternoon I started feeling worse again. My stomach was churning. I tried to do some pattern work. Took Emily for her swimming lesson and I've been struggling to stay awake this evenign. My  stomach is churning and my back is aching. Think an early night is in order.


Joyce across the Pond said...

Sorry to hear your'e not feeling so well, trust and PRAY that you'll be feeling better tomorrow...guess you are tucked up in bed by now.

Anonymous said...

thanks god for the chance to enjoy so many good artical.............................................................

marymaryquitecontrary said...

You really do push yourself. I wish I had such get up and go. When I have a migraine it is off to bed;feeling unwell;off to bed;sneeze more that once ....yes you have guessed it. I simply couldn't keep up the schedule you set yourself. I have been around for more years that you have so I suppose that counts.
I love this shawl and I am going to knit it when the pattern is available. Take care;a little more rest maybe. The Mar Menor is waiting for you. We have booked a lovely seaview apartment for the month of June next year. Hurrah!!