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Monday, May 10, 2010

A daring rescue mission!

This particular daring rescue mission took place at 3am on Sunday morning and involved a bit of lace knitting. I've got to the centre panel on my new lace shawl and it was all going swimmingly. I didn't sleep very well on Saturday night and got up about 2am. I sat here knitting quietly and suddenly realised I wasn't happy with what I was knitting. When I'd transitioned into the centre motif, I did mirror the second motif, which I wanted. It's  not a huge differnce and most people probably wouldn't have noticed the difference but I wanted it right. I had put a lifeline in before I started the transitional charts but I didn't want to rip back as far as that. would have taken far too long to re-knit. So I decided to just rip out the actual motif.

here's the before picture: please bear in mind this is taken at 3am which is why the lighting is so bad.

Here's the unravelled bit, about 13 rows:

the first couple of rows of re-knitting were a bit dicy but from there it went very well and before long I had this:

There is a loose bit between the two centre motifs but I'm hoping that will block out.  I'm very pleased with my progress on this shawl. I've got to full width of the shalw now which means less beading and quicker knitting. I'll try to pin it out tomorrow and get a better picture.

I'm in the middle of doing yarn update now. I've got a brand new lace yarn which is utterly gorgeous. It's Angora Lace which comes in the same cute little skeins my Amazing Cashmere Lace comes in (have a few more skeins of that too). It has 400m per 50gr skein but is a little cheaper than the cashmere. It's incredibly soft, light and gorgeous. It's not as 'fuzzy' as most angora yarns either. A lot of angora yarns are a bit like mohair but this is not, it has got a bit of a halo though. I'm hoping to cast on a little lace scarf in this yarn soon.

I've only got a few colours but there will be more, hopefully on Thursday.

Angora Lace Silver:

Angora Lace Oh Baby:

Angora Lace Green Lanes:

Amazing Cashmere lace Steel:

SEe the full update here.

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Probably Jane said...

Wow! Yu're just going from strength to strength - congratulstions - you deserve all your success.