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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Front Page

I'm so excited. Just had a text from Pixie to tell me that my next design for Yarn Forward has made the front page. Sub copies should be on their way apparently although my contributors copy hasn't arrived yet but I'm expecting one or two things that should have arrived this week and hasn't yet. You can see the preview here. This is my second front cover for Yarn Forward this year (actually it's my second front cover ever) so I'm very excited. Can't wait for the mag to arrive now.

The new copy of Let's Knit arrived this week too and featured my friend, Tina Barrett's design on the front cover.

 I had 3 designs in this issue, which surprised me. I thought it was 2. Can't keep track.
Here's design no 1 - Katya knitted in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend.

  I love this design and I'd love to knit one in my size. I loved everythign about it. It was lovely to knit, the yarn is gorgeous, the colour is fab and if someone wants to knit me a present, this would be the one.

the next one is, Bessie knitted in Rowan Lenpur.

 This was my first design using this yarn and I really enjoyed knitting with it although it was a little bit splitty. I'd love a summer sweater knitted in this yarn and I may see if I can use it on my knitting machien as that's the only way I'll get a sweater knitted for myself soon. I love this design too and it would be perfect for teh summer. I can just picture myself in Spain wearing this. It's flatterin for all sizes including mine.

This design is worked in one piece with a circular yoke. No sewing up, jsut a few stitches to graft at the underarm. Pretty eyelets decorate the yoke and the hems.

And last, another design I love and this is one I can make use of when the sample comes back. I'd love to use this bag for my knitting this summer. I'm already planning ot take it as my hand luggage bag when we go to Spain in August (ash cloud permitting). This is Lana:

This felted bag in cheerful stripes is knitted in my favorite yarn for felting, Cascade 220. I haven't used Cascade 220 for years. I used to love knitting felted bags in this yarn and this has made me want to do more. On 7mm needles this knits up quickly in one piece. You knit the base in garter stitch, pick up stitches around the base and knit the body on a circular needle, increasing every few rows. Follow the stripe sequence or make it random. Excellent stash buster as long as all your wool is feltable, ie non-superwash. Do a swatch first if you're using different brands just to make sure they'll felt at the same level.

I've had a bit of a frustrating knitting week this week. Nothing seems to be going to plan. A new design which I need to be getting on the needles is causing me problems. The pattern repeat for the border is rather big and I'm struggling to fit it in. I need to get this sorted and on the needles asap.

I've not done any more on my lace shawl either. I've managed a few rounds on my Fantasy Cables socks. And a few rows on my wrist warmers when I've been out and about. I may finish the 2nd one tomorrow.

I have been successful learning how to use the ribber on my knitting machine though. I knitted this swatch for Simon's sweater yesterday:

I made a tiny mistake in the middle of the rib but I'm happy enough to get started on the sweater. I may get goin on it this weekend. both Simon and Vanessa are waiting for machine knitted sweaters using my Super Merino Sock. I started a tuck stitch jacket for myself last night on the machine. I'm 3/4 through the body which is worked sideways in one piece. I mayde a mistake earlier and I'm hoping I won't have to start again but I left it as I needed a break. Had hoped to go back to it but ran out of time. I may try to finish it quickly before I go to bed tonight.

Tomorrow I'm off to a new yarn shop to teach a workshop, it's the Cornwall Yarn Shop in Launceston. I'm really looking forward to seeing it and teachign in a new venue. I'll try and remember to bring my camera to take some pics of this newly opened yarn shop.


Pixie said...

I was excited too.. seeing something I had knitted for you on front cover..

Love your knits in the Lets Knit mag, love Katya and I can see why you would want one.

Have fun at your workshop and the make of my electric spinner is a Peacock.

marymaryquitecontrary said...

Congratulations! The bag would be a lovely one for holidays; when we head to the Mar Menor next month.

Joyce across the Pond said...

Congratulations on the front page etc...well done.
Hope you are having a good weekend.