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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Manos Designs

I've mentioned before the designs I did for Artesano using their new Manos del Uruguay Lace yarn. I've got the official photos now and they're gorgeous. I loved working with this yarn.

First up is Leanne, a lace scarf with a knitted on end borders. The scarf features an easy diamond lace pattern and starts with a provisional cast on. End borders are knitted on sideways afterwards. The scarf takes just one 50 gr skein but you can make it wider or longer quite easily.

Next up is Chloe, a short sleeved delicate top with a round neck line. The lace pattern makes pretty scalloped edges.  By the way, I love the photo of this one. Lyaing on all those hanks of what looks like Silk Blend to me, is my dream. Just look at all those pretty colours.
the last design from me is Adele which is a slightly longer length top with a v-neck and a choice of 3/4 and long length sleeves.  this is my favorite and if I had time I'd love to knit one for myself. Pixie knitted this one and the scarf for me and she did a brilliant job as always. 
I love hte way the designs have been photographed and styled. I've seen the other designs in the collection too and they're all gorgeous. Can't wait to see them in the shops. Not sure exactly when the patterns adn the new yarn will hit the shops but I think it's sometime this month or it may already be in teh shops. Not sure.

I've got lots other things to blog about but they will have to wait till another day. My main priority today is to catch up on e-mails and do as much work on my first crochet design for Inside Crochet as possible. Later this week I'll reveal my new design for Let's Knit and some machine knitting I did this weekend.


Pixie said...

Oh they look so good full size, can I have a copy of the ones I did please..

Knitting going well so far :) better get back to it lol

Ann said...

Congratulations. Your designs look great.

Tama said...

WOW! Absolutely gorgeous designs!

Piecepatcher said...

These designs are lovely and I agree about the photos. congratulations!