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Friday, April 09, 2010


That just about describes our week at Spring Harvest. We had another briliant week this year.  This was our 4th year going to Spring Harvest and last year was the best so far and I must admit I didn't think this year could beat it but it did. The speakers were brilliant. the main Bible teacher was Pete Greig who is director of 24/7 prayer which I think is part of the Alpha ministries. I've never heard him speak before but he was very good. Very easy to listen to. the main worship leaders were Tim Hughes for the first half of the week and Ben Cantelon for the 2nd half of hte week. Both are from Worship Central/Holy Trinity Brompton.

The day started with the Big Start in the Big Top which Simon and the girls attended and I watched on the chalet TV. Then at 10am it was the Bible Reading which is basically an nearly hour long sermon/teaching session on a bible passage, this was lead by Pete Greig. Simon watched it in teh Big Top and I watched it from the chalet TV. I struggle with some of the seating at events like this and if I attend every session I end up in a lot of pain so watching the TV in the chalet is a good alternative for me. After the Bible Reading there were 4 learning zones to choose from, they were based on 4 different learning styles. The first day we went to the 'Activist' zone and although the two people leading it were very good it was too much interactive, get into groups and talk to starngers. We didn't like it so for the rest of the week we went to the 'theorist' session instead which was a lecture style session led by two men I don't remember the name of. The learning zone sessions expanded on the topic of the day.

In the afternoons there were a selection of seminars to choose from. I hadn't planned to attend very many but there were so many intersting ones to choose from that I ended up attending at least one seminar every afternoon and on a couple of afternoons I attended two which was a bit too much. In teh evenings there was a big Celebration service in teh Big Top with fantastic worship music and inspirational preaching from a variety of speakers. Worshipping God in a tent with thousands of others is an amazing experience.

It was physically exhausting week but spiritually refreshing. And although I'm sooo tired, I feel really refreshed. It brought be so much closer to God. The main theme this year was 'Different Eyes' and it was all about ethics and how to see the world through new eyes. Your world view does change when you give yoru life to God and this week was intended to teach us to try to live life like Jesus would. Not an easy task. The seminars included topics such as war, the digital life, beautiful living (3 seminars on living ethically and environmentally friendly - we went to two of the sessions and it was very thought provoking), abortion and euthanasia, and lots of other stuff. I felt the teaching was very practical and useful.

I did manage to get some knitting done during sessions. I worked on Simon's Debbie Bliss cardi. I'll take some photos tomorrow. In between sesssions I worked on my current secret crochet project. No photos of that yet. I also did a few rows on a sock. I didn't manage to get as much knitting/crochet done as I'd planned though.

I've listed all hte excisting yarns in the 'Spring Fling' Sale this morning. I need to clear some space for some new seasons yarns. I've got some very exciting new blends planned. I've listed some new Silky Merino Lace yarns too. I have got a few skeins of sock yarn to come too. I thought I had more to list but I must have remembered wrongly. I'm planning to dye yarn on Monday so there will be a bigger update towards the end of next week.

Here's the new Silky Merino Lace:

Royal blue:
Fruit Loop:

Regular readers may have noticed I've changed my blog template again. I wasn't happy with the layout and functioning of the new template. It was pretty but wasn't working properly so I've gone back to a plain layout.

I'll get some knitting pictures next time and some pics of my fancy new laptop. It's the first day I've used it properly today and I love it. At the moment we're at Simon's parents house and I've used it on their wireless network (we don't have wireless) and it's great. More about that next time though.


knittingsal said...

Sounds like you had a great time at Spring Harvest. Really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the inspirations

Joyce across the Pond said...

So glad to have you back....also good you had an uplifting time at Spring Harvest.'s back to porridge!

Ann said...

Sounds like you had a good time. The grey merino/silk looks gorgeous.

Tama said...

Sounds like it was great. Hope you got my email about the Sockamania Grand Prize. Let me know.