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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Missing in action

I've been quiet for a long time and there are very good reasons for it. The last 2 weeks have been the most hectic weeks so far this year, almost as bad as the weeks leadin up to Christmas. I've been planning blog posts all week, there has just not been any time to sit down and write it. So let's do a round up of the last 2 weeks.

Last week I taught a workshop at Spin A Yarn. That seems like ages ago now. I can't even remember which workshop it was, but I think it was easy lace knitting. I only had 3 ladies which was unusual but lovely. Very nice relaxing day and i think they all enjoyed it. Then on Friday I headed up to Spin A Yarn again to attend a 'Knitting backwards' workshop with Freddie, who is a Rowan consultant from John Lewis on Oxford Street. There were 5 other ladies on the workshop and 4 of them had been on at least one or more of my workshops in the past. They all found it hysterically funny to watch me try to tackle knitting backwards. I struggled quite a bit to start with and it slowed me down a lot. I'm normally a very fast knitter. But I did entertain the others wiht my hopeless attempts. I did get the hang of it after lunch and got a bit quicker. Not had time to practice since though. We started an entralac square and I did want to finish it but perhaps I'll do it after Easter.

On Sunday I dyed the sock club yarn and on tuesday i decided I didn't like it and over-dyed it. Now it looks great but it's still wet. I'm hoping ot get the last lot dry tonight and will be packing it up tomorrow and it'll go in the post on Saturday before we go away.

Stupidly, i'd organised a child protection training eveing at church. I'm in charge (wiht a friend) of child protection in our group of 3 churches. We spent Saturday afternoon and Monday evening planning for it. I oculd have done without all this extra work this week but the training event was a big success and 29 people turned up.

Yesterday and today I've been typing up my 2 patterns which was due yesterday. They were both finallyh e-mailed off this evening. Emily has been home sick since Tuesday too. On top of everything I've been trying to keep up with hte laundry but still have lots to wash and iron before we go on holiday on Saturday. Tomorrow we're off ot Plymouth for a couple of hours as Vanessa needs jeans and Emily needs trainers before we go away. Then home to do some grocery shopping (we're selfcatering while away and i'd rather do the shopping here than get caught in the Easter madness at Minehead on SAturday), iron and pack. And get hte sock club packed. First think SAturday morning I'm off ot hte post office with the sock club parcels. The sock club is bigger this month than it's been for a year. which is great.
I've done some knitting too. Lots of secret knitting on my project which was due yesterday. And lots of knitting and crocheting on swatches for new designs as this pile shows:
I've also finished my Baby Surprise jacket.  I'm happy with it and it's so clever but there is one small point i don't like. Fortunately it's close to the end so I'm planning ot take it on holiday wiht me and re-do the last few rows.

I'll also be taking a secret crochet project which will be my main project. I'm really excited about this as it's my first commissioned crochet project. I'd planned to get some one to do it for me and if you're one of the crocheters who volunteered ages ago and is livid with me for not getting back to you as promised hten I apologise. I'll e-amil all those who volunteered when I get back from holiday. I've just been commissioned another crochet project too.

I'm also taking simon's cardigan which I started in Spain last September. I'll be finishing the back and getting started on the front. This will be my relaxing knitting while we're away as it's just stocking stitch. And I've still got my Fantasy cable sock (can't find a pic of it right now) on the needles. I did a couple of rounds on it today, so htat will come along and as i'm just past the heel turn I'm hoping to finish it. That's all hte knitting/crochet I'm taking. I know how busy Spring Harvest is and there will be limited time to knit/crochet and I need to get the crochet project done. So I don't want too much to distract me. I'm taking this due of yarn with me for the crochet project. the pic's not been edited so is a little dark but I love the colours.

I'd hoped to do a shop update before we go away but I've just not had time. The shop will stay open while we're away but nothing will be sent out til we come back. Any orders made tonight or tomorrow will be posted on Saturday as I've got to post the sock club parcels anyway.

These pics are unedited but here is a sneak preview of some of the Silky Merino Lace that is waiting to be added:

I suppose I ought to tell you a little bit about Spring Harvest for thos who don't know. We're going to Butlins at Minehead for 6 days of Spring Harvest, which is a Christian holiday with lots of amazing speakers and worship. We're having the same worship leader as last year and he was brilliant. There are bible teaching and other teachign sessions in the morning while the kids are at their clubs. I tend to watch these on the telly in the chalet. Seating is more comfortable there than in the Big Top. In the afternoons there are lots of seminars and talks to choose from. Or we just relax and enjoy the site. In the evening the kids go off to their clubs again and we go to the Big Top for a big celebration service with amazing worship music and a special guest speaker each night. This finishes about 9pm and after that there is a selection of late night music events and other shows to choose from. It's all great and very spritually refreshing and being in a Big Top (circus tent) with thousands of other Christians worshipping is amazing.

Happy Easter!


Tama said...

Have a wonderful time at Spring Harvest! The yarn is gorgeous as usual.

Joyce across the Pond said...

It's good you are back again, but what a busy time you've had. Have a wonderful uplifting time at Spring Harvest...never been to one but understand they are incredible.
May you know His peace and His comfort over the Easter season..and safe journeying to you we're off to church to give thanks for all His suffering for enabling us to have eternal life.
We'll be rejoicing with you on Easter morning....Hallelujah!

Ann said...

You really are busy. Enjoy your Spring Harvest holiday.