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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Silly mistake!

I made a classic, silly mistake earlier. Kind of embarassing really. This morning at about 5 am (yes I was up at 4.30am again - bad neck pain and headache) I cast on for a new secret garment which I'd hoped ot get going on over the weekend but that didn't happen so this morning I wanted to cast on so I could get the rib done today. I'm working in the round. And you know how most patterns knitted in the round start with something like: 'Join to work in the round, being careful to make sure stitches are not twisted...' or something along those lines. I'm sure I checked my stitches were not twisted and got kniting. I hadn't done that many rounds but I'm doing a twisted 1x1 rib and i'm always a lot slower when I knit through the back loop. When I got home this afternoon I realised I had a twist in my knitting. I had to rip out what I'd done. I cast on again and double checked my stitch count and started knitting and then halfway through (I had about 240 sts all together) I realised I'd mis-counted, so I cast on again. I've caught up with what I had to rip out earlier. But what a silly mistake to make.

Today was knitting group day at Spin A Yarn. I used to go nearly every month but I've not been to the knitting group since July. SEveral times i've planned to go on the 1st Tuesday of the month but something has cropped up like sick kids or car breaking down. So I was really pleased to make it today. I had a lovely time and it was nice to catch up with hte ladies there. I helped my friend, Marianne, sew up her Noro waist coat. I'm hoping I'll get a picture of her wearing it soon and that she'll allow me to share them with you. I left her to sew on the buttons.

After knitting group we popped down to hte Devon Guild of master craftsmen for a quick cup of hot choc before i headed home. Done very little since I came home apart from knitting. After myearly start and day out I'm very tired.

I spent yesterday with Marianne too. We went to a nearby town called Launceston to visit Just FAb, which is a fabolous fabric shop. Marianne was looking for some fabric for her new garden room. Afterwards we drove out to Cowslip workshops, which is a patchwork shop but they have a lovely coffee shop there and sell some other nice things in the shop too. they also have larg workshop area and run regular workshops. The location was fantastic with lovely views. I wish I'd brough my camera yesterday. We drove across the edge of Bodmin Moor and the views and visibility were just amazing. A nice day out.

Tomorrow i'm off to join the Modbury knitting group for their Christmas meal. i've not been to their group before but Marianne goes and asked if I could join them. i've met one of hte ladies there and talked to another one online so it'll be nice to meet them all. We're all suppose to wear somthing we've knitted so I'm thinking of wearing my Midnight Shawl.

I finally managed to get the Fern and Fame handwarmers listed on my website and Ravelry this morning. The pics are not that great and hopefully I've managed to get some better pics of them today. Marianne modelled them for me but I've not had time to edit them yet. The handwarmers (I've knitted Marianne a pair of both) were passed around the table at knitting group and most people seemed to like them.

Here are the Fern handwarmers:

and Fame:

Better pics tomorrow hopefully.

Orders have been flooding in this week and the shop is starting to look a bit empty but there are still some items left in the BIG WINTER SOCK SALE. Go and grab your bargain before they go. I'm dyeing yarn tomorrow and there will be a new sock yarn by the weekend and some Bambino Lace. I've got to order some more undyed yarns and hopefully I'll be getting an order by the end of the week or early next week, so I'm hoping to get some more yarns dyed for a bigger update towards the end of next week.

I'd better go and get the girls' advent calendar ready. My Grandmother mad a beautiful advent calendar for me and my sister when we were kids and i attach a present for each day and the girls open it every other day. Finding stuff to put on the calendar is a big of a pain but I got some good stuff today. I'll get a picture of the calendar tomorrow. Can't quite belive it's December already. After sorting out hte calendar I'm off to bed for an early night. I'm tired and I picked up a copy of hte newest Knitting mag today and it looks really good. Some great designs in there. One I might even try to find time to knit for myself.


Vicky said...

Didn't know you are coming to the Christmas meal tonight! Looking forward to meeting you face to face ;-)

Ann said...

You are not the only one as I have the same problem with twisting the stitches when I knit in the round. When casting on, try putting a stitch marker after every 30 stitches so you don't have to keep counting all the stitches. Enjoy all your Christmas get-togethers.