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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hidden yarn & a deadline

I did a bit of a stock take the other day and found some yarn which for some reason had not been listed on the website so I've listed those today. I've not dyed any yarn this week so only a small update today of forgotten sock yarn. The good news is they've all been listed in the Big sock yarn sale and here's a taster.

Angel sock yarn Kiwi:
Angel sock yarn girlfriend - I love this one:
Merino Plus Autum Gold, there is another colourway called weekend away which is very similar.
Super Merino Sock Navy Stripes - another one of my faves:
This is November's Sock Variety Club yarn. I dyed far too muc and have kept a couple of skeins for myself and decided to put 3 in the shop. I don't normally put club yarn in the shop but I'm making an exception this time as I dyed too much by mistake. Talking of club yarn, I'll be dyeing the December Sock Variety Club yarn this weekend. It should have been posted by now so big apologies to any sock club members reading this. The parcels will be going out a little late this month.
The Lace Variety Club parcels went out a few days ago and that over a week late going out so I'm not doing very well this month. I promise to try harder next time.
Last night I decided I needed to get some serious knitting done. I seem to have had less knitting time this week than normal and with a deadline this weekend I had to get on. So I stayed up late and watched some programmes I'd missed online. I got some great knitting done and then instead of switching the laptop off I started browsing Ravelry and some other sites and ended up styaing up till after midnight. I'm paying for it now. I'm exhausted and my neck/top of my back is extremely stiff and sore.
I started the day with a big mug of Aero hot choc (Aero is the best hot choc ever) and a Mince Pie and my knitting.
My sleeve is nearly done now and then it's time to assemble the garment and do the neck line ready to go in the post tomorrow. I've enjoyed this garment and it's knitted in one of my favorite yarns, Manos Silk Blend, and it'll be sad to finish it but I'll be going straight on to another secret project which needs to be finished by middle of December. I may allow myself some indulgent knitting time this weekend and do some more work on my silver Organic Merino shawl. I also need some socks. I'd like to knit a cowl to match my Fame Handwarmers and I've got a friend I want to knit a Christmas present for. So plenty to choose from. I may do some spinning too.

This gorgeous bag arrived this morning from Valerie at Stitchy Mushroom. Valerie does some gorgeous project bags and I've been wanting one for ages.
I love this one and it comes with a hand-made stitchmarker which is so cute:
And now a sad story, I knitted these 'Lacy Diamond' socks and I loved them. the yarn was Almerino Sock which was soft and cosy. They were a bit thicker than my other socks but perfect for keeping my feet warm especially when I have to get up in the middle of the night because of pain.
Although I would recommend handwash for all my yarns, I wash all my socks on 30 degree woolwash with a gentle spin. But last time I washed these I accidentally put on a 40 degree normal wash with a full spin and my gorgeous socks now look like this:
Yes, they're felted and far too small for me. They may fit Emily and she may be able to use them as slippers. I'm sad as I loved these socks and i'm short of knitted socks anyway. So I must get some socks on the needles soon.
We've got a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow we're going out for an Indian lunch with a colleague of Simon's and his family. I love Indian food although I wouldn't normally choose it for lunch.
Have a great weekend and check out the sock sale.

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Tama said...

OH NO!!!! I feel so bad for you! I have done that before and I just felt (no pun intended) sick!!!

I love the little mushroom stitch markers by the way!! Very cute.