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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knitting machine

My new (secondhand) knitting machine arrived on Monday. Hella brought it and set it all up for me. It comes with a ribber but we set it up without the ribber to start with. I forgot to take a pic of the machine but will do that for antoher post. Didn't have time to play with it yesterday as I was teachign a sock knitting workshop at Spin A Yarn. But this morning I produced this swatch which is tuck stithc using card 1 and stocking stitch. I know it doens't look very impressive but I'm well chuffed. Only took a few minutes too.

Here is the other side of the swatch.
And here is the plain stocking stitch swatch i did first with a mistake rib swatch next to it.
Spending all day in a yarn shop yesteray I had to give in to temptaion. I've had my eyes on one of these Schoppelwoolle sock yarns for ages. I'm so deserpate to cast on with the blue one but I need to finish some other stuff first.
Today I headed back to Bovey Tracey and Spin A Yarn again to meet up with a lady who was buying my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. And I gave in to temptation again and bought this natural grey merino top, which I'm thinking about starting to spin tonight. I've not spun much since I got back from Spain and I'm deseprate to spend a nevening spinning.
I also got some Manos today. I boght this gorgeous Wool Classica which I thought I may use for a hat and scarf for Simon. Will go nicely with hte navy Debbie Bliss cardi I'm knitting him.
Then I got these two skeins of Silk Blend. The variegated version is to swatch for a new men's design I'm planning. I won't need much for the swatch so I'll use the rest iwth hte solid and make a scarf I think or perhaps a shawl. I've got some ideas. THe solid is more turquoise than it looks.

When I got home these lovely books arrived. I've not had a chance to look at them yet so will talk more about them when I've looked through them.
And this cashmere/mink yarn from Great Northern Yarns arrived too. The colour is stunning and the softness is amazing. I'm not quite sure what to do with it but a neck warmer of some sort will be perfect I think. So temting to cast on but I must be disciplined and wait.... at least till next week.
I'm still very tired from yesterday and from driving back to Bovey today. It was sad to see my first wheel go but I love my new one and at least the Traveller will get used by a new spinner. Off to feed the kids... or shall I look at my books first.... Books first I think, kids can wait.


Sharon said...

Ooh, the knitting machine sounds like fun! Your samples look great too. I have to admit to a secret lusting for one (but I don't think my OH would be too pleased LOL - I have too much stuff already!).

Torhild Reidardatter said...

buttons or feeding the kids- or books-
Had the same choise to today- But I love to wait with the books- love to have that enjoiment to look forward to at a silent moment.
Good purhcases!!