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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crochet and a new design

But first an old design which is being re-launched. SnowQueen was first published in Yarn Forward last year and the pattern will be available next week. I'd hoped to get it ready for today but the charts need re-doing. But I'll share some pics to keep you going. Here's a version Pixie knitted for me and it's in the silver colourway of Silky Merino Lace. It's stunning.

And a brand new design which will be avaiable from Monday. The 'Fame' Handwarmers which match the Footloose socks. This pair is a present for my friend, Marianne. She's helping me with Ktog tomorrow and this is a token thank you gift. You can't see it very well from this photo but the handwarmers do have beads added to the back of the hand. More pics next week.

On thursday I started a crochet course. I learnt to crochet as a child. My grandma who was an expert at crochet and did some magnificient lace tablecloths taught me. But I enjoyed knitting more so didn't do much crochet. I did a one hour workshop at Ally Pally last October but soon forgot what I'd learnt. So when I saw the course in my local adult ed brochure I thought I'd have a go again. The first day was good. this was my first square. It starts with doubles, then trebles and then half trebles.

I then had a go at a circle but it ended up like a mini-cap.
At the end we had a go at 'filet crochet' and this is my attempt. We used yarn that was too thick for 'filet crochet' but it was just to teach us the basic technique. We're continueing with it next month.

At home I had a go at a granny square and I'm fairly pleased.
and another circle. This one was better but I ran out of yarn halfway through the last circle.
Tomorrow i'm off to Ktog at Ilsington near Newton Abbot in devon. It starts at 1pm and I'll be having a stall and teaching a mini workshop on continental knitting. Spin A Yarn will be there too and I think Clare Crompton and John Arbon will be too. And there will be other workshops and a knitting cafe.
Now, we're off to the North Coast of Cornwall for a walk with the dog. WEather is gorgeous.

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Ann said...

The crochet class sounds like fun. I am lucky enough to have a very talented lady in my knitting group who gave me personal crochet lessons.