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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Change of plans

Today I'd planned to go to the knitting group at Spin A Yarn. I stayed up late last night to get the yarn ready for Pixie, which I was taking to give to her. I got up early this morning and rushed around getting everything done. Then Emily decides she is ill. Now, sometimes the kids are obviously ill (like sky-high temperature, being sick etc). Other times you're not quite sure. I knew she was tired as she read late last night so I wasn't sure whether she was ill or just tired. I told her if she stayed home she would stay in bed, not watch kids telly and woudn't be able to go and see her grandad this evening (it's his birthday today). She still insisted she was ill. I thought perhaps she was hoping for a relaxing day watching CBBC.

As I had a day at home unplanned, I thought I'd get on with some jobs. I didn't get quite as much done as I'd hoped though. I did manage to finish photographing the yarn I dyed last week. I've started updating the website now and I may finish it tonight or I may carry on tomorrow.

I've got Silky Merine Lace, which is being used in a design for Let's Knit which is due out very soon. This is the 'Silver' colourway. For a long time I've been trying to find hte perfect silver and this one I'm very happy with.
I've also got this gorgoeus red/pink 'Romance' colourway available in Silky Merino Lace. I love this one.

I've got Merino Plus back in stock. Merino Plus is very similar to my Super Merino sock yarn but it's got 25% nylon in it, which makes it both soft and hardwearing. I love Merino Plus and I'm so pleased I've found a new supplier. This colourway 'disco' I'm keeping for myself but I've got two other colourways in the shop and there will be more to come soon.
There is also a couple of skeins of Angel Lace, Organic Merino and some more Fantasy.
I have had this skein of Socks That Rock heavyweight merino in the stash for ages. I did start a pair of socks ages ago but decided I wasn't happy with it. I've finally decided to knit a shawl with it and I cast on this morning. I got a false start and cast on twice as many stitches as I needed, ie 400 odd sts. I've now got 283 stitiches which is more than enough. I'm decreasing on every row though so it's going down quickly. I've done a couple of inches now.

I also cast on for a new secret project for Let's Knit. It's a different construction from what I've done before (although it's not an unusual one) so it's a challenge for me. But I like to stretch myself and decided I was sticking with stuff I was comfortable with so decided to push my boundaries a little. I've got most of my numbers worked out now. So tomorrow I'm going to chart it all out to make sure it's correct. I've started knitting it as I can start the beginning without knowing the details of the rest of the pattern. Won't say any more in case I say too much.
Here is a mobile phone sock I knitted yesterday. I'm halfway through another one too. They're easy and quick to knit and my friends like them so I find it useful to have a few spare ones.
I need to do some more swatching too which I may try to do tonight. I also had a gorgeous fibre parcel arrive today. I'll tell you more about that next time and get some pics too. forgot today. I've got 500gr of a custom dyed colourway. I want to spin something to knit something for myself but I'm not sure what yet so I may spin something else first. I've got too much to choose from. I've got a small purple bat so perhaps i'll break into that tonight. I've not spun since I got back from Spain and I'm itching to get back into it but I've had too much knitting to do. Simon and Vanessa have gone to see his Dad so Em and I are home. she's having an early night and i've got my TV watching lined up with knitting and possibly some spinning. I may have some chocolate hidden away too. And I'm finishing my evening with an early night as I'm very tired.
As I have managed to do some of hte jobs today I'd planned to do tomorrow I may dye some more yarn tomorrow for an update at the end of the week or over the weekend.

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Tama said...

Wow, that silver yarn turned out perfect! I've never seen a silver that looked so good.