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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Not feeling good

I didn't really know what title to put on today's post. First, I can't believe i've blogging several days in a row. That's not happened for a long time. let's see if I can manage a week with blogging every day.

It's miserable and grey outside and that just about explains how I feel. Grey and miserable. The day got off to a late start. Then as I got out of the shower I got a really heavy nose bleed. I stuffed a tissue up my nose and carried on getting dressed. Not a good idea the bleed got heavier and without going into details I used a lot of tissue and had to change my t-shirt. Eventually it stopped and when the girls left for school I made myself this super healthy smoothie. I put a Mullerlight Banana yoghurt, some tinned pineaple in fruit juice and frozen strawberries and it was delicious and I thought it might perk me up a bit but it didn't. Felt really rough all morning.
Did a bit of spinning. I started the second half of the blue superwash merino last night but I didn't finish it as I'd hoped. So I did a little more this morning but I got too hot and felt too ill to finish it.
So all in all it's not been a good day. I had another nosebleed at lunchtime. I sat knitting on the cashmere scarf and suddenly it started. You know what it's like when you're in the middle of the needle. The normal reaction is 'I have to finish this needle'. Well I couldn't or my cashmere yarn would have been ruined.
I've taken the photos of the rest of the Fibre Fest left over yarn and started loading it on the website. So there are some more items in the BIG SALE. The sale is going well by the way so if you want to get a piece of the action be quick.
Here is the last of the Supreme Lace, reduced to £8. don't they look pretty. Tomorrow i've got some very pretty Angel sock yarn and Luscious Lace to list.
Now I'm off to the post office with yesterday's orders. Tonight I'm going to relax and knit and spin, which is pretty much what I do most nights. Let's hope i feel better tomorrow.


Cybèle said...

Hope you're feeling better. Had to laugh at the 'must finish this row'. What is it about finishing rows - I do it too - the world can fall apart around me, but no, 'must just finish this row, wait for me! 24 more stitches!'

Ann said...

Hope you are feeling better now. More gorgeous lace yarn - how tempting!

Asti said...

Oh, hope you are feeling better now Anni......

Leonie said...

Oh no, hope your health improves quickly, it's never nice to feel under the weather.