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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ready to swatch

I've been sketching out some new design ideas. I was thinking about new designs last night and thought I can't come up with anything. No new ideas at all. Then suddenly a few ideas popped into my head. One thing I'm definitely not talented in is sketching. In fact, most 5 year olds can probably draw better than me. It's a bit of a drawback if you're a designer as most editors want to see a sketch and a swatch. I'm fine with the swatch but not so good with the sketch. Then earlier this summer I decided I'd try sketching. I thought even basic sketches that showed the basic shape of what I had in mind was better than nothing. So now when I get a new idea I do try to sketch it out and my sketches are slowly improving. I came up with 3 new ideas and then started thinking about yarns. I quickly went through a couple of stash drawers last night and pulled out some yarn to start with. We've got a ball of Debbie Bliss Fez (which is a brand new merino/camel blend and is gorgeous - look out for a garment I've designed using this yarn in Let's Knit soon), Mirasol Lama, Sublime and the pale green is left over Debbie Bliss Cashmerino ARan which I used for the Siena cardi for Yarn Forward a few months ago.

Normally when I design garments I quite often see yarn I like in the yarn shop, I buy a ball and start swatching. If I like the yarn I work out ideas ofwhat I'd like to do with it. This time I've started with an idea and I'm now looking for the perfect yarn.

When I came back from the hair dressers this morning, there was a parcel waiting for me. I thought it was some yarn for a new secret design which is due to arrive this week. But it wasn't. It was some Falkland and Romney fibre I ordered last Friday at my friend's house. It's from Marn a Mi on Etsy. I've never spun Romney and Falkland before and fancied trying it. On initial touch, I like the Falkland, feels nice and soft. I'm not so sure about the Romney. Looks fab but not sure if it'll be soft enough. I also got a surprise batt in the parcel and I'm not sure what blend it is but it looks gorgeous and I love the colours. Thank you Anne.

I'm in the middle of listing some more yarn on the website. Don't forget there is a BIG SALE on. The cheapest prices you'll find on luxury yarns. I've got hte rest of the Luscious Lace up and I'm now doing some Angel Sock (merino/tencel). Won't be able to finish that today but hopefully tomorrow. At Fibre Fest there was this one skein of Angel sock yarn which kept calling out to me. I nearly swiped it away so noone would buy it but then I thought I'd better now. But I promised myself if it was not sold I'd keep it for myself. So I was rather pleased when I came across it yesterday when I was taking photos of the yarn. I love the shade of pink and the deep greyish plum. My perfect colour combo. I may knit myself some gorgeous, silky socks, or perhaps a shawlette? Decisions, decisions. There are lots of other colours I love too, especially Summer Apples and Sunshine. Check them out.

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Tama said...

The only Romney I have spun was quite scratchy and I did not like it. I ended up blending it 75/25 with some angora which made it bearable to wear. Romney is definately for "outer wear" garments. The other fiber and yarn it lovely!