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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


We're off to London today and my biggest question is how much knitting do I take for 3 days. Considering I'll be doing all the driving there and back as Simon can't with his sprained ankle, I won't be able to knit in the car. So how much knitting do I need? I'm taking this Mirasol rib shrug. It's Mirasol 100% Lama and is supersoft. This is my very easy 'on the tube' knit.I'm also taking this Glorious sock yarn shrug. I just love this colourway and I had planned to knit a cardi but i've settled on a shrug as it's quicker. I only started this yesterday so I've made good progress.I'm also thinking about taking my current secret project as the deadline is end of next week and I need to get on with it. Or do I give myself a few days off from it?

ShouldI bring my pink 'Footloose' mitts too? The first one is done and I'm keen to get on with the second one. Normally I'd say mitts or socks are perfect for the tube but this lace pattern needs some concentrating and chart reading so perhaps not.

Back to our plans for London. Today we're driving up to GAtwick and staying in a Travelodge overnight. Vanessa is flying out to Norway on her own in the morning. Yes, my baby is going on her first flight alone. She's flown to Norway nearly every year of her life so I'm confident she can do it but this is her first flight from Gatwick. We normally fly from Stansted. She's quite confident though but I'll be a wreck. The worst bit is when she goes through security as we can't accompany her then. As long as she gets on teh right plane I can relax. She's got strict instructions to text me assoon as she boards.

Tomorrow we're off in to London. It's Emily's treat for working really hard for her exams this year and by the way, she got excellent results. Top marks for everything. In fact, both the girls' school reports were the best ever.

I'm having an afternoon off to morrow and I'm planning to visit Stash, Socktopus and Loop. Yes, you guessed right, they're all yarn shops in London and all look gorgeous. Simon and Emily are going to the Natural History Musueum. On Thursday we're having another day in London and we're planning to do the London Eye and possibly the Science Museum. I'd also like to go to Carnaby Street. Any thing knitterly there? Yes, All the Fun of the Fair is situated there and it looks like a fun shop to visit.

I haven't got time to put in links but if you google all these shops you will find their websites.

Packing is nearly done. I've got some tidying up to do and my WEight Watchers weigh-in, which I'm not looking forward to. Food-wise things went a bit wrong after Simon hurt is ankle last week and I ended up having several take aways at church.

As for Simon, I've no idea how he's going to manage in London. He's still limping a lot. HE's not using a stick inside but he's taking it to London. His ankle is still swollen. How he's going to cope with all the walking he'll have to do in London is a big question. I'm not sure he should be going and I'd be happy to go on my own iwth hte girls but he's determined not to miss out. Think we'll be doing a lot of sitting down for breaks which means I can get my knitting out often.

I'm thinking about ringing up and ordering my spinning wheel this morning but I can't decide between a Little Gem and a Suzie Pro now. My plan had been to get a Little Gem but I've been tempted by a Suzie Pro. Although I do want a travel wheel. Decisions, decisons!


Pixie said...

Have fun away and at least the weather looks as if it should improve! .. when you home again? I am over half way with the scarf and need to get these 4 bits back to you to allow you time to block.

Good luck with choosing a wheel, I am chuffed to see that Hedgehog Equipment are going to be at Fibrefest, hoping to try out the majacraft wheels.. at least I can drool over them if not buy one lol

Catch you soon xxx

Cybèle said...

Enjoy your days away Anni. My kids have gone to London too, with their father. Then they're off to see their grandmother on the Isle of Wight, who's just had swine flu. Considering I'm taking the kids on holidays at the end of next week, I'd rather they didn't go!

Piecepatcher said...

Hope you have a great time in London and everything works out well for everyone.
What with a limping husband, daughter doing a first flight alone and deciding about knitting's all happening for your family!
Hope the yarn shops present some excellent opportunities for you to enhance your stash.
best wishes