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Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm back

Bible Week is over and it's been a bit of a mixed week. The weather was mixed. Saturday was fantastic and we got the tent up at lunchtime and then spent the afternoon sitting outside in the sunshine chatting to other campers. Sunday was awful with lots of rain and mud. Monday was mainly sunny again with a few showers. I was gone for most of hte afternoon as Vanessa had an orthodontist appointment in Plymouth and we went shopping first. Tuesday was okay too I think, don't remember. Wednesday was awful and this is when things changed for us. Simon and the girls camped but I went home every night. On Wednesday I turned up just after 10am and was met in the car park by a friend who told me Simon had just fallen and needed to go to hospital. I went to find him and he was sat in a chair with about half a dozen elderly ladies holding umbrellas and fussing over him while a friend of ours had gone to get his car to take him to the local hospital. We decided it was best if I took him. So I slid through the mud with the car and two men man-handled him into the back seat. Simon was helping with hte pre-school tent all week and their tent always leaks when it rains a lot and they were moving the children in to the main church building. Simon was carrying a box of their stuff down and slipped in the mud and fell. His ankle cracked and immediately started swelling up and he was worried it was broken as he couldn't put any weight on it. Fortunatley the x-rays showed it wasn't broken but badly sprained. So we left hospital an hour later with Simon on crutches. I got him settled at home then went back to church to collect the kids and pack up some of the stuff in the tent. Then on Thurday, which was dry and sunny, my inlaws and 4 friends helped me take the tent down and get everything packed up. Simon was able to come back to church on Thursday evening and Friday morning and evening to attend the services. He's now on one crutch and can walk without it in the house. The swelling is starting to go down. We're praying for a speedy recovery alhtough the nurse said it could take at least 6 weeks.

Otherwise the week was brilliant. Andrew Ollerton, a pastor from Penzance in Cornwall preached at the morning meetings and he was brilliant. And our own pastor, John Gillespie, preached at the evening meetins and he was brilliant as always too. The worship was fantastic and was led by several talented musicians. The weather let us down on a few days but it was better than lsat year when it rained every day.

Now we're all shattered and having a lazy day. I've got tons of stuff to unpack and tidy away and clothes to wash. VAnessa is going to Norway on Wednesday so I need to get her clothes washed and packed. Which brings me to another problem. We were due eto drive up to Gatwick (about 5 hours at least) on Wednesday morning and Simon normally does most of the driving. Now I'm going to have to drive and I will need a couple of longer breaks as such a long drive will aggrevate my neck. Also, we need to be there at 10am so it'll be an early start. So we're now looking at driving up on Tuesday and staying overnight. We're spending Wed afternooon and all day Thursday in London with Emily but I'm not sure now if Simon will even be able to go. He wants to and is determined he will go with us but I'm not sure if walking around London will be a good idea for him. And when you visit London you do an awful lot of walking. Even just walking up and down to hte tube is miles and miles of walking to get to some of hte platforms. Emily and I are definitely going to London but we'll have to decide what's best for Simon closer to the time.

And yes, I've had time for knitting too over the last week. I knitted in most of the services. I was working on a garment for Let's Knit which I finished by Thursday and posted off to them. I knitted both sleeves in the services and I still concentrated on the sermon and took notes. Impressive? LOL. I'm now working on another secret project for Let's Knit. I've also finished the first of the 'Footloose' mitts and started teh 2nd one. I'll get pics for my next post. The first one looks great. My last post I wasn't sure about a name for them. I've used the same stitch patterns as for the Footloose socks but wasn't sure about Footloose mitts. Probably Jane suggested Fame which I quite like. thank you Jane.

Now I've got to finish the pattern for the garment for Let's Knit and type up a new pattern for Pixie to knit up for me. She's been waiting for it all week. I'ts going to be a new cashmere lace scarf pattern which hopefully will be ready for Fibre Fest, which isn't far off now and I'm almost ready to panick.

Its my birthday soon too. The big 4-0. My parents are buying me a brand new spinning wheel and I've got my eyes on a Majacraft and I may just order it today. More on that another time.

1 comment:

Pixie said...

Wow what a week for you all, Poor Simon, hope his ankle heals soon.

Good luck with your trip to London, be nice for you to have a proper break, even with the awful drive!

I love the name for the mitts, perfect fit ;)

And ermmmm its been 2 weeks I have been waiting on the pattern but who's counting lol

I finished the shawl for me with that gorgeous sock yarn you sent me and woven some scarves while a waiting.. so I don't mind one bit :))

Oh lucky you with a Majacraft, I would love a Rose, best prices seem to be here for them

Have a good weekend xxx