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Monday, August 24, 2009

Fibre Fest

Fibre Fest was great fun but very exhausting. It wasn't quite as buy as the Ravelry Day in Coventry and Saturday was definitely the busiest day. We sold lots of yarn and patterns and had great feed back from our customers. It was great seeing lots of cyber friends, some for the first time and some who I've met before. I'm not going to try and name everyone as I'm bound to forget someone. I also saw lots of people who've attended my workshops at Spin A Yarn just down the road from Fibre Fest and it was great seeing them again too.

Our stall was next to the Woolclip/Woolfest stall and the ladies manning their stall were lovely neighbours and on Sunday we managed to have a nice conversation with them. Met lots of other stall holders too and it was nice to meet one of my wholesale suppliers too and I brought home a sample of two new sock yarns I'll be introducing soon.

Sock socks on display.
One of the highlights of the weekend for me was to try out spinning wheels. I'd e-mailed Hedgehog equipment about their Majacraft wheels. I couldn't decide between a Suzie Pro and Little Gem. Unfortunately the only Suzie Pro they had with them had been on order for a while and I couldn't try it but I did try hte Rose instead and it was fantastic but a little bit big for me and over my budget. I wanted a wheel that I could transport easier than my current Ashford Traveller (which doesn't travel well despite the name). I liked the Little Gem alhtough the treadling was a little unusual. They had 4 little gems for sale so I told them to let me know if they got down to the last one. An hour or so later they came and told me there was one Little Gem left so I had to make a decision. I tried both wheels again and decided to go for the Little Gem. I spun some pencil roving in the hotel on Saturday night and I love my new wheel. It's so smooth and fast and the treadling is so easy. I don't think my Traveller will see much action from now on so I may sell it. This is what I spun on Saturday night. I did some more spinning on Sunday night and this morning.

I've been taking it easy today as I was in a lot of pain this morning. This afternoon I've been taking pics of yarn and updating the website. All hte left over Pencil Roving, Exotic Cobweb Lace, Silky Merino and some Pure Silk Lace has been listed now.

I managed a bit of knitting too and started a sock with some of the latest Super Merino yarn I'd dyed last week. I just love this colourway. It's going to be a pair of sock for Simon, he hasn't had socks for ages, and a new 'man socks' pattern.
Tomorrow we're off to Bovey Tracey to visit Spin A Yarn in their new shop. And in the evening we're going out for my birthday celebration. Don't tell anyone but I'll be 40 tomorrow.


Pixie said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday :))

And I won't tell any one your age lol

It was great seeing you and Simon on Saturday, a totally over whelming day with so much to see.. great fun though.

Love the colour of the new socks and yeah on your new wheel.. have many happy hours of spinning..

Did you Mum get sorted with a loom?

Have fun at Spin a Yarn and have a great birthday celebration xxx

sara said...

Happy birthday. Have a great day.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!

Glad Fibrefest was fun and that you have a new toy :)

marit said...

Gratulerer med dagen!!! Min var lø jeg er 6 år eldre enn deg;-)

Så moro at det går bra med alt du driver med. Jeg har ikke fått prøvd garnet ditt enda, men det ligger i hylla mi, og jeg klapper på det og kikker på det, og lurer på hva jeg skal finne på med det!

Ha en flott dag!