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Monday, July 06, 2009

The shawl with no name

I finished this shawl on Friday. I surprised myself actually because a week or so earlier it felt a bit like I was knitting with treacle. Incredibly slow going. But suddenly last week I kind of got hooked on it again. I had a different border and edging planned but when I thought I ought to start it I realised I wouldn't have enough yarn for it so I stuck to my original plans and I'm happy with it. I'm not 100% happy with my photos. I wasn't really in the mood for proper photography session on Saturday so I just got some quick snaps. Tomorrow, I'll be giving Pixie th yarn to start testknitting the shawl. And once she's had a go at it and found my errors (there are bound to be some), it'll be released and possibly used for the Lace Variety Club this month.
I need a name for this shawl though so what about a name competition? Suggest a name and if you suggest the name I like the best you'll win a skein of Supreme Lace or Bambino Lace and the pattern. Leave your suggestion in the comments. I'll announce the winner by the end of the week.Look at the beaded edging:
On Saturday afternoon we went for a walk at Golitha Falls on Bodmin Moors. It's a lovely little woodland alongside the River Fowey (or at least I think it's Fowey). It's a lovely walk. I wan't really in the mood for a walk but I'm glad I went. I forgot to bring my camera but I snapped lots of photos with my mobile so they're not the greatest quality.
Simon and the girls went swimming in the river, yes it was freezing, hence the wet suits. Sam decided to join in too. She used to hate water and never went in voluntarily but now she jumps in quite frequently. She had several swims on Saturday. Here she is trying to swim up stream but the current were quite strong and she didn't make much progress. We had to keep an eye on her because she's quite small and the currents were strong and we were worried she would get swept down the river.

Isn't this a marvellous tree canopy?
Getting the shawl off the needles has meant I should be concentrating on making some progress with this socks:I've been kind of ignoring it lately. And I managed to make a good job of ignoring it over the weekend too, in order to finish another shawl. Yes, the Glorious sock yarn shawl has just come off the needles and will be blocked this afternoon. Pics on Wednesday. But I've got to get my act together on these socks and have made good progress this morning. They have got to be with an editor by Friday. I'd better hide everything else this week.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to going to the monthly knitting group at Spin A Yarn. I've not been for the last two months as I was teaching a workshop there two days after the knitting group and it's a long way to go twice a week. Pixie is coming down to meet me and I'm looking forward to seeing her again. I'll have a big parcel of yarn for her including a skein to knit the Supreme Lace shawl. she'll be doing it in Bambino Lace.

I've got some yarn to list in the shop and I'll try to get that done today. There is some Merino Tencel sock yarn which I'm thinking of re-naming Divine Sock. Any views? And I've got some Silky Merino in some stunning shades.

And I've been keeping up with my gym attendance. I went on Friday morning and had a great work out. And I went this morning and had a slightly shorter workout but Idid go on the stepper instead of the cross trainer and I was glad I did as the stepper was a lot easier. I didn't feel all that great this morning. I've had severe stomach cramps all night. I went to bed at 7pm last night as I'd already been sleeping in the lounge for an hour. I was completely shattered after waking up at 4am both SAturday and Sunday. I didn't even cook dinner last night. Not sure what Simon and the girls had to eat in the end but I'm sure they managed to rustle up something. I was quite surprised I slept all night, well nearly, I did wake up several times (the stomach cramps) but got back to sleep and still felt tired at 7am this morning. So although I didn't feel like going to the gym and had a shorter work out I'm still glad I went.

Back to those socks.


Elisabeth said...

I've been reading you blog for some time now, enjoying it a lot. Looking at the pictures following the shawl (especially the third one), my first impression was that the shawl reflected the waterfalls, flowing and rippling down, or maybe the light falling through the tree canopies onto the water. So: Golitha Falls Shawl? Fowey Shawl? Dappled sun shawl? (Jeg er norsk men kommer ikke helt på ordene når lyset treffer vannet gjennom trærne, har bodd for lenge i forskjellige land :-) )

Linda said...

Checkered Trellis shawl.....
the first think I thought of when I saw the pic's was checkers...and than the top of my garden trellis is very much like the shawl pattern
Not very "romantic" but it is unique and discriptive...

Linda in Kalamazoo

mirella said...

Okay I directly saw:
"An Alien's Wave"
The square with the two holes look like the heads of aliens and they clearly put up their arms chearing. (I didn't sleep very well last night) Love the colour and the beading. Never done a lace pattern that big, but I'm really tempted.
Your pictures took me back to a backpack holiday walking the coastpath through Cornwall and Devon.
Groetjes, Mirella Verheul (Netherlands)

Barb W. said...

Shawl name suggestion - Whisper. Knitted with beautiful "whisper soft" yarn.

Barb W.

Pixie said...

Thank you for a lovely morning out today, had lots of fun and thanks for all the fluffy goodies too.. Doing great with the shawl, which to me is says "Glory Glorious", else its just the yarn which I am loving knitting with lol

What a fab place to do for a walk and swim for those brave enough to jump into our chilly water! brrr

Enjoy the rest of your week xxx

Anonymous said...

How about :Domino"? The way the turned squares line up remind me of a domino game.

I enjoy your blog!

Piecepatcher said...

Wow, Anni,you've been busy again!
When I saw your new "no name" shawl I thought of diamonds, or marcasite...loads of diamonds set out in a glorious pattern just like the traditional marcasite jewellery with it's tiny patterns. So here's my suggestions:
Wapped in Diamonds
Draped in Diamonds
Glistening Diamonds Shawl
Marcasite Delight Shawl
Marcasite Moments (after all we don't wear all our diamonds all the time, just for special moments)

best wishes for good creative days

Mikki Rhodes-Gloor said...

How about 'Not Your Grandmother's Flower Basket' Shawl? The square remind my of the Grandmother's Flower Basket quilt block.

Lovely work, though.

Clari said...

Apparently Piecepatcher and I were on the same wavelength thinking of diamonds as I looked at the shawl. I think "Twinkling Diamonds Shawl" is an appropriate name since the beading will catch the light and appear to twinkle. Beautiful shawl, whatever name you choose.

Kate said...

How about:

Woodland shawl


sara said...

boxed beautiful shawl

Anonymous said...

Love the Shawl!!! Here are a couple ideas:

Crystal Currents

I also saw dice in the shawl (they were all twos though... lol) so:


old lady said...

I know I'm late, but how about "Embrace"