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Friday, July 24, 2009


I loved knitting the sock in the last post so much, I decided it would look great as fingerless mitts too so I cast on yesterday. I had this gorgeous pale pink but I didn't have a full skein but it's just enough for a pair of mitts. The socks, by the way, have now got a name. I took it to my knitting group yesterday and asked for suggestion. In the end we decided on 'Footloose'. Now, I'm not sure what to call the mitts, do I call them 'Footloose' as well? They're the same pattern with a tiny adjustment.I'm plugging on with a secret project. I've gone through a bit of a boring stretch but I'm on to something more interesting now. And I'm about to start another secret project. The yarn is dyed and nearly dry so I'm hoping to cast on by Monday.

At knitting group yesterday, Hella brought along a shrug that her daughter knitted .It's a very simple construction and looked beautiful. Those of us that were there yesterday all decided to knit one. Vanessa liked it and wants one. She wants it in dark grey and it's an aran weight yarn. Of course I don't have anything suitable in my stash. I had a look in town today but couldn't find anything suitable. I'm going to have a look in Plymouth on Monday but the yarn selection there is rather pathetic. So I may not be able to get the yarn for it until I go up to Spin A Yarn next month some time. I did, however, find some gorgeous Mirasol yarn (think it's a lama blend) in a gorgeous purple and I think I have enough for a shrug for me. I really shouldn't be casting on for it as I do have more than enough on the needles and the two secret projects need to be prioritised but I need an easy project for next week.

Tomorrow we're off for our church's annual Bible Week. Lots of campers from all over the country come for a week. There are 2 services every day and clubs for the kids every morning. Simon and the girls are camping but I'm not. As I've said before I don't do camping 10 mins drive from my comfy bed. Tomorow we're putting out tent up and then there is a welcome BBQ and welcome service in the evening. I'll be busy on Sunday afternoon setting up the craft stall which is open for about an hour every day after the morning and evening services. I'd hoped to sell some of my own stuff ont he stall but havent' had time to make anything really. I've got some knitted hair bands and mobile phone socks left from last year so I'll put those on the stall. I started another mobile phone sock at knitting group yesterday but only got half way though. Don't think I've going to have time or want to finish it or make any more. I've got two shawls for sale so I may put one of those on to see if it sells. I doubt it will as it's expensive but you never know.

I may not post much next week. I'll be going out early and coming home late but I'll try to update once or twice onhow it's going and how the weather is. Last year it rained all the time. Forecast this year is not brilliant but better than last year.

Have a great weekend. x


Pixie said...

The mitts look great, call them handloose, or fingerloose lol

Hope the weather on your Bible week is a lot better than last year, so unpredictable this weather!

Good luck with your stall and catch you some time soon xxx

Cybèle said...

What pattern do you use for the mobile phone sock? I've had a quick look at Ravelry but nothing called my name. My daughter would love another one, I'm sure.
Fingers crossed your weather is good! We camped in Cornwall last year for 13 days, had 11 days of rain! but it is a beautiful area and I would love to go back.

Torhild Reidardatter said...

What about "Footless"- as there is no foot to put in, and no fingers ( they where fingerless mittens right?) And have a nice week- hope the weather acts up-- here in Oslo area it suchs...

marit said...

Great mitts!
I love your new header- it's beautiful!
Have a lovely week at BibleCamp.

Probably Jane said...

As Footloose was a dance movie you could call them Fame! or Saturday Night Fever Mitts. Probably not Dirty Dancing though....

I'm sure they will be gorgeous.