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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ravelry Day 2009

On Friday we're off to Coventry and the Ravelry Day 2009 on Saturday. I've been doing a lot of dyeing lately, labelling yarn, packing yarn, printing patterns and other stuff to get ready for the day. I've also tried to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather we've had for the last week. For now I'll tempt you with some gorgeous pictures of yarn that's coming to Coventry with me. If you're not coming to the event, then any yarn left over will be listed in the shop next week. For the time being the shop is very empty.

The other day I practiced setting up the stall on my dining room table which is a lot smaller than the stall. And I didn't have all the yarn either but I just wanted to get some idea of what works and what doesn't.There are two suitcases like this with yarn in it and a big box. I've had to leave some behind as it was just too much.

Here's a taster of what'll be for sale at the show:

Luscious Lace:
Pure silk Lace
BFL Sock yarn
Organic merino 4ly/sock yarn - this yarn is so soft and scrummy and it's spun locally in Devon.
Alpaca Lace which is from British alpaca and spun in Devon too.Squishy BFL sock yarn
Sweet Dreams & hope to see you in Coventry!


Probably Jane said...

See you on Saturday - at least I hope so - you might be hidden behind all that gorgeous yarn!

Linda said...

It all looks so gorgeous, wish I lived in the UK and could see it in person. I will have to content myself with what if any is left over for the shop

psalm127 said...

Oh my! I would be going nuts with all that beautiful yarn. Good luck in Coventry. Not that close to me so I will have to pass. ha ha.

Sarah said...

Wow - that looks so incredible all set out on your table - make sure you take photos of the real thing for those of us that can't be there! Hope you have a wonderful day

Pixie said...

Wow it all looks stunning, have a fabulous time and wish I could be there.

This week has been a super week with the weather, cooler today though!

Jacky said...

Well I will be there for sure :o)

Ann said...

You have done such a great dyeing job with all those gorgeous colors. I wish I could be there. Enjoy your day!

marit said...

Good luck! Wish I could be there...I've been looking at and stroking my prizeyarn, and the colours are just so different from the commercially dyed yarn- much more vibrant. So- have a great weekend:-)

Joy said...

Looking forward to seeing you Anni - and the offer still stands :-)