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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Sock Variety Club

I spent yesterday dyeing the sock yarn club for June plus some new laceweight British Alpaca which is utterly gorgeous. So all in all, yesterday was a very successful day alhtough it kind of killed me. I could hardly move in the evening. Luckily today, Sunday, (although it's technically Monday now as it's gone midnight) was sunny and warm and all the yarn dried nicely out on the line. No room for washing though.

Simon has been painting the wood work in teh kitchen and has more to do tomorrow which means I can spend another session dyeing yarn. I'm working on the new organic merino 4ply tomorrow. I've been tying extra ties in the skeins tonight and it's a gorgeous yarn. So incredibly soft and it's organic so it's got to be good. Looking forward to dyeing it.

With all this dyeing going on I'm making great progress getting ready for the Ravelry Day in Coventry. Less than 2 weeks now. Still got more yarn to dye though and lots to label. I've not quite decided what to take yet but I'm hoping to get some Supreme Lace, Luscious Lace, new Amazing Cashmere Lace, Super Merino sock yarn and my new Glorious Sock yarn done in time for the show.

If you fancy signing up for the Sock Variety Club in time for June now is the time. The parcels will be going in the post on Tuesday or Wednesday. I've dyed several extra skeins as I miscounted so there are room for a few more members this month. The sock pattern for June is looking gorgeous and the yarn is amazing. You can sign up in US dollars in my Etsy shop or in British pounds in my new online shop.

better get to bed otherwise I won't be fit to do anything tomorrow. Nite x.

Don't forget to check out the bargain bags in the post below.


Piecepatcher said...

Anni, these all sound lovely. I'm glad you have the luscious lace again. I'm looking forward to seeing knowing more about the Amazing alpaca yarn too.

btw my last order arrived and it's wonderful, better even than the photo on the website.thanks a lot.

best wishes for the Ravelry day! wish I could be there.
Colleen in Australia

Probably Jane said...

Glad to hear you will be at the Ravelry day - so will I! Will be good to catch up again and I know I won't be able to resist your laceweight now I have got over my fear of thin yarn!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anni,

I am really looking forward to ravelry day on Saturday. I will pop by your store to say hello. Sheryl